An untrained gelding, Not!

The elf, she heard me, Ivory thought ecstatically. But then she’d run off before he could explain his situation to her. Ivory snorted and paced around the paddock. Well at least someone had heard him. That was a small comfort. And she was an elf too.

Ivory liked elves. Not that he’d met many; only one to be exact. That was the first time he’d been banished from home. Not, that this was banishment, he thought. No this was an elaborate practical joke played upon him by those he’d thought were his friends. Rearing in anger and frustration Ivory whinnied.

“Easy now,” the stable master some how managed to get a hold of Ivory’s reigns.

I’ll easy you! Ivory reared again and again, whinning each time.

The stable master hung on. Ivory heard the other Unicorns in the paddock snorting. While they might not be projecting their thoughts, it was clear to him they thought he was just an untrained gelding.

For a moment that thought made Ivory angrier. Then he realized that his anger was what gave them that impression. Okay time for new tactics. He’d show them he was neither a gelding, nor one of them. Ivory stopped and shook his head.

“There, there that’s a good boy,” the stable master held out a sugar cube.

Ivory eyed the treat I’m not sure that was worth it. He nearly took it then stopped. If he was going to prove he wasn’t one of those human bred ‘oh, I want to ride a unicorn’ horses, he was going to have to stop taking treats like them. Well except maybe from the Elf, at least he could talk to her.

Snorting, Ivory’s breath hit the man’s hand with the treat, knocking it off. The stable master looked at the littlest Unicorn puzzled. “You don’t want your treat?”

Ivory shook his head. The man let go of his reigns, startled. Ivory took the opportunity to walk sedately away. For now, he’d just stick to the far end of the paddock.

The End

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