Stupid, Rotten, Unicorn-Breathed Wizards

I asked if I could go to the toilet to the teacher. She nodded as I walked out, feeling a pair of eyes boring into my back. I had my bag with me and as soon as I closed the door I made a run for it. All of the way through the halls where I saw the cleaner.

"Hey young lady where do you think you're going!" he shouted but I just ignored him, "Wait, don't slip on the-" my scream interrupted his shout. I'd slipped and fell on my butt on a big pool of mess that was yellow die, cleaning products, the lot. I moaned and slowly got up, my hand on the bottom of my spine."Oi! Who do you think you are, you shouldn't be running around like that in the middle of lesson time!" he boomed angrily then stumbled off with a cleaning cart.

He mumbled under his breath, "Stupid, rotten, unicorn-breathed wizards," I picked up my bag and wiped myself down, slowly stepping out of the mess then running through the halls and into the bathroom. I charged inside and locked myself in a cubicle. I placed the seat down and sat on it, breathing heavily. 

"Well, what a day this is," I groaned to myself.

The End

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