Please don't make me

Ireland pulled out her comic opened it then found her self stuffing it back in her bag.

I really don't want to do this, she thourght to herself. Unicorn riding was next and she was terrified. Would they laugh if she fell of?

Ireland moaned. "I really don't want to do this" she muttered before standing up and making her way out of the libary. The first two lessoned had been really easy like yesterday but now. She groaned. Maybe I could pretend I'm sick again, she circled the thought in her mind. She sighed.

They would notice it was what she had done yesterday. She saw the door ahead of her. She preferred studying to physical sports but unfortunately she had to participate in one out door activity. Then, thats when she got stuck with unicorn riding.

What if it throws me off? Oh god I don't wanna ruin my hair, she thought she felt herself shiver at the image of her hair with bits of mud and all tangled like a haystack.

"Oh, just pull yourself together girl" She says shaking her head. She looks at the door then strides towards it trying to be brave.

The End

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