Friends and Enemies

I peeked around the heavy oak door of the library to see if anyone was in there. It was lunch time so all of the staff and students would be in the great hall. The janitor was in the kitchen eating his lunch. I finished my meal before everyone else because I had to help serve. I had an hour before I had to help clear up.

I dropped the gunny sack I was carrying onto the marble floor of the library. It was so clean and shiny that I could see my face in it. Old 'Grumpup' the janitor would be furious if he caught me.! I didn't care, the old creep hated me already anyway.

I took out the two huge blocks of solid golden opaque soap out of my sack. They were used to soak the sports uniforms of the kids. I didn't know what was in them, but I know that they melted wax on marble. I had a bone to pick with the janitor.

He caught me rooting around in his maintenance room for something awhile ago, and he threw liquid starch on my wings! I couldn't fly for a week. I could have gone to the headmistress, but the maintenance room is off limits to everyone except Mr. grumpy Mc Cow the janitor. He didn't like being called a janitor, either. I used it like an epithet whenever I saw him after that. when I saw the cakes of soap floating in the laundry tubs yesterday, I got an idea how to get real revenge on the janitor.

I took two pieces of soft cloth out of the sack. I had fused both ends of them with wax to make them hard and pointed. I stuck the ends into the bars of soap and chanted a couple of words. The cloth fused to the soap. The cloths were now perfect little arches to put my feet under.

I put my new 'skates' on, and skated all over the library floor, over and over in a giant circle. Then I did some more fancy footwork, and ended up with an enormous happy face. Then I threw a small cannister of yellow food colouring from the kitchen on it. Beautiful!!

I flew up near the ceiling to admire my handiwork when I heard the maintenance cart stop at the library door. The janitor was grumbling, as usual. I flew to the top of the book stacks, then flew out the top of the huge door while he was still trying to wrestle his cart through it. I doubt if he noticed me.

He did notice my handiwork though. I heard the clatter of dropped metal buckets and a long furious scream from the library as I flew to the kitchen I landed in my little room off the pantry and dressed for the outdoors. I went to the sugar cubes and got a few sugar cubes, then grabbed an apple from the fruit bin as I passed it on the way out the back door.

I had heard that a new unicorn had arrived, and I wanted to meet him. I love animals. They are as attuned to nature as Elves are, and that's why I can relate well to all animals, even the magic ones.

I went out to the riding stables, and the trainer was leading a new little unicorn to the riding paddock. I followed behind, and waited for  him to go back to get the other unicorns. I didn't want to get in his way. I've been reprimanded before for getting in the way of different staff members.

I flew over the fence and stood in front of the unicorn. He looked.. different. He seemed to be of a finer breed than the other unicorns, not so thick and muscular. I wondered if maybe he was a thoroughbred, although I had never seen one, just pictures.

"Hi there little fella, I won't hurt you." I told him as I walked forward slowly with my hand stretched flat, with a sugar cube in it.

"My name is Ivory." He said.

I jumped back, stunned! The unicorn reacted to my reaction, and also jumped back. I looked around, but there was no one but the unicorn near enough to have spoken. I say spoken, but it was more like a thought inside my head.

"I..Ivory.. your name is Ivory?"

I watched as he pumped his head up and down in an emphatic yes.

"Can you.. say something again..please?" remembering my manners.

"You can hear me?"  He thought / said.

"Yes, yes I can, Elves are telepathic up to a point, but not usually with unicorns!"

"I was put under a spell, I'm not usually like this." He started to explain.

I heard the trainer coming with two other unicorns.

"I won't tell anyone about you, I promise. " I said quickly, assuming he wanted his ability kept secret.

I didn't know if he did or not, I'd have to find out later. I had kitchen duties to attend to, and the cook was swift with her broom if I was tardy.

The End

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