In the Unicorn Stalls

Ivory lay in his stall feeling miserable. This was not what he’d signed up for. This was the last thing he’d expected. Why hadn’t he heard the teasing tone of voice, that now so apparently clear. If he ever, ever got out of this he’d take his revenge; somehow. Ivory snorted and shook his head.

That was a very un-unicorn like thought. He sighed, which was more horsey than human. How did he get himself into these situations. The most annoying part was that he couldn’t transform, and he couldn’t mind talk to anyone; not even his fellow unicorns in the adjacent stalls. Though Ivory suspected that they wouldn’t be all that interesting to talk to.

“Hello beauties,” a human voice broke through his thoughts. He lifted his head to look at the unicorn handler who had entered the barn.

Can’t we get a heater or something in here? Ivory tried to think at the man. Of course the man ignored him. Ivory snorted.

“Ah, now now, it’ll be okay.” The man looked over Ivory’s stall door. “We won’t let them ride you just yet. Just take you out to see them.”

Ivory stood as the man slowly opened the door. His nostrils flared and he scented something sweet.

“Hush, there, easy now.” The man slowly came in, hand out flat.

Ivory snorted once again, involuntarily backing up. Just like one of those dumb beasts, he grimaced to himself. Then he sniffed the man’s hand. It is a sugar cube, he thought to himself. I can’t get those at home. As gently as he could, Ivory sucked the sugar into his mouth.

Eyes closed in rapt enjoyment of such a sweet treat, Ivory didn’t notice the bridal in the man’s other hand until it was on him. He snorted and reared. Why you little git! There’s no need for subterfuge, you only needed to ask! His mind raged while the man talked in a soothing voice trying to calm him down. Fine. Ivory looked into the man’s eyes for a moment. I’ll play along, but only because I want to.

“That’s a good unicorn,” the man stroked Ivory’s nose. He held out another sugar cube.

Ivory sniffed it again. More sugar, he wondered, well I guess this isn’t too bad. Again he gobbled it up, gently.

“There we are, good boy, come on, lets get out side, see who we got here for Unicorn Riding.”

Ivory shook his mane and snorted as he was led outside into the crisp air. The field was muddy, the air was cold and there was not a clover in sight. How did the others survive this, he wondered. The man let go of the bridle and threw it over Ivory’s head to be out of the way. He closed the gate then headed back into the barn for the others. By being more horse than Unicorn, Ivory supposed.

Snorting again, Ivory began to pace the fence, watching with interest as the young human slowly filtered out. Wizards, he’d heard tell they were. He wondered if anyone of them could lift the stupid spells that had been placed on him. Aside from his slightly smaller stature and slightly more deer like appearance, there wasn’t anyway to tell he was more intelligent than the other Unicorns slowly being led into the paddock.

The End

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