No Point

Snow cursed under her breath and turned back around, tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear that fell limply back down.

She listened as Falladae's friend Ackerly said 42 to the teacher, She turned and stared at Ackerly, eyes wide along with everyone else.

How did he know that? I didn't even know that? Wow, I didn't know Ackerly was so smart! I thought, then caught Falladae's gaze and turned back around. 

You can stare as much as you want but he will never ever notice you. It's just simple. He never will. There's no point of even trying. A voice in her head grumbled. She sighed, the voice was right.

"I might as well be that new pretty girl Ireland and he wouldn't notice me," Snow whispered under her breath, doodling in her book.

The End

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