Falladae's Snow White

Oh my gosh. He saw me looking at him! What am I going to do? Don't look, don't look! I said don't look!

Ackerly snickered at the girl's thoughts. She'd been looking at Falladae, and was extremely embarassed she'd been caught.

"What is it?" whispered Falladae as the maths teacher started her lesson.

"Oh that girl, she's thinking about you," snickered Ackerly, "it's funny. She's freaking because you 'caught' her looking at you,"

Ackerly laughed again and was shot a dirty look from the teacher, Ms. Potts.

Falladae went from pink to fire-engine red back to pink in a matter of seconds. Ackerly could hear his thoughts too, they were much the same as the girls, except with a little more confusion.

"Ackerly?" asked Ms. Potts suddenly, making Ackerly jump a little, "What is the answer to the question on the board?"

"Uh . . ." Ackerly stared at the board, pretending to work out the question as he waited for Ms. Potts to think the answer, Forty-Two, she thought finaly, "It's Forty-Two m'am,"

He replied a few seconds later. The entire class looked around at him, wondering how he'd gotten it. He smiled and hid his face in his maths book.

Damn these powers, he thought, reading his comic inside of his maths book as the students turned their heads back to the board.

The End

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