You banged your head!

Snow walked through the long corridors, stumbling occasionally. Then suddenly she banged into a tall boy that smelt slightly of sweat. She banged her head on his and fell backwards onto the floor, banging it again. 

She woke up in the nurses office, her sight first blurry, then slowly became clear. She saw the boy she banged into sitting a few metres away from her up against a wall. It took her a moment to realise she was laying on a bed, she sat up. To her left was a woman with a hat and a white apron.

"I think you banged your head!" she chuckled. "Here's some ice, come back if you dizzy or sick," the nurse handed her an ice pack and she held it to her head.

"Ow," she complained. Standing up, Snow took her bag from off of the floor and walked out of the nurses office. She stared around and saw the boy she banged into standing behind her with a white piece of paper in his hand.

"Hello. I'm the one you banged into," he saluted her with one if his two fingers. Snow stared at him dazed, "sadly I didn't get as injured as you, your lucky, you can get out of Unicorn riding," he sniggered and handed her the paper. 

It said,

I apologise for Snow and Alladae being late for Maths due to them banging into each other in the corridor and hitting their heads. 


Under it was a line with scissors across it, showing that it needed to be cut across. That said,

Snow cannot do Unicorn riding today due to her hitting her head when she banged into someone in the corridors.


"Oh.." Snow sighed. "hey, I've never seen you before...are you knew?" she asked.

"No, I've never seen you before either." he replied.

Then they silently walked to Maths. Falladae sat at the very back next to his friend Akerly, and Snow sat at the side by the wall in the middle of the room. Occasionally, Snow would peer behind her to see Falladae and Akerly laughing together.


The End

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