Stupid Job

Ackerly figgeted as Ireland set up the film. No one else was in the Library except for Sweed and he never talked to anyone.

"It's to bad we can only watch half" Ireland says sitting down next to Ackerly on the sofa.

"Yer" Ackerly mumbled. Stupid job, Ackerly thourght to himself, just when I get to watch a film with a...girl. He was still shocked about it. He looked at Ireland making sure she was there. She saw him looking and smiled.

Her smile was amasing. It just shone. The film began and he turned to watch it. He felt Ireland move closer and Ackerlys face turned beetroot red.

He consentrated on the film so he wouldn't make himself more imbarassed.

"Oh her comes a great line" Ireland says nugging Ackerly. The both burst out laughing and look at each other smiling. Ackerly checks his watch. "Shoot" he says jumping up and grabbing his stuff. "Gotta go"

"Oh, sure Okay" Ireland says smiling. Ackerly smiles and runs off. I hate my job, he thinks to himself.

The End

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