" Blasted human boys.. so messy. It's not like they have to bend down and actually pick up their dirty clothes. They can use magic to pick them up but do they? Nooooo!"

Alastegiel grumbled as she waved the crumpled clothes into a large wicker basket.  I laughed merrily as I helped her. Her name means 'bringer of joy,'  but no elf was ever worse named. She complains about everything. Nothing makes her happy. That's why I call her alas, as in "alas my world will crumble if those boys don't pick up their clothes."

My name is Caldawen, which means 'light.'  I suppose the name suits me because everything about me is light. My hair is platinum blonde, my skin is alabaster and my eyes are a pale violet. Even my little wings are see through. I can become invisible for short periods when I become light itself.

I am one of the hundreds of elves that live and work at this magical school. Some of my ancestors were slaves to wizards and witches, but we are all freed now. We can leave if we wish, but most of us don't want to.

I am young in human terms, under 20, but in Elven terms I'm over 40. I work mostly in the kitchen because I love food, and I like creating creatures out of fruits and vegetables. The big thing about me is that I like to have fun. I play tricks on some of the meaner students for being mean to others. I like to play practical jokes on some of the more understanding professors.

I'm always around to talk to the students when they want company, and sometimes even if they don't. I'm young  I'm free, I have magic of my own, and I can fly a bit. I like being me.

The End

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