Uh . . . Er . . . Gah!

"Uh . . . Er . . . Gah!"

Ackerly imagined himself saying these things and new this new girl would automatically shun him. Instead, he took a deep breath and replied with,

"Hi! I'm Ackerly. You're Ireland right?" The girl smiled again.

"Yeah. It's a weird name I know, but my mom liked it,"

"No, I-I think it's, er, beautiful" replied Ackerly, feeling like a total and utter dork.

"Thanks!" Ireland glanced at the teacher before turning away from Ackerly and took her books from her bag. A comic book slid out from her pile of school books.

"No way," whispered Ackerly, "You read  Gigonica Montropolis?" he said, louder now.

"Oh, yeah. Do you think it's dorky?" she asked, her black eyelashes touching her cheek and eyelid in a beautiful way.

"No, er no!" Ackerly reached into his own bag and picked out 3 copies of the comic. "I love it!"

Ireland smiled an her face brightened at the sight of Ackerly's Comics.

"Wow, I've never met anyone else who reads these!" she picked one up and rubbed the cover, "Would you maybe, uh, want to watch the, er, movie with me tonight? I just got it and the library has a TV, I checked." She looked up sheepishly at Ackerly through a sheet of golden hair, and shuffled her feet nervously on the bar beneath her stool.

"Yeah!" he replied "for sure," a wide grin spread across her face.

"Ackerly? Ireland? Do I need to change you seats?" asked the Professor. They both sat up straight backed and replied "No," to the professor before smiling at each other and finally opening their Science books.

I, thought Ackerly, am going to watch a movie tonight, with a beautiful girl.

He pinched his thigh just to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

"Ouch!" he said. Nope, definetly not a dream.

The End

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