Damn Mornings

Ackerly stood infront of one of the dorms, his bell in hand, frozen stiff.

Ugh! He thought, I love having magic and all, I just wish everyone else didn't hate me for being bell-boy, or that they didn't have it either.

These, were Ackerly's usual morning thoughts. At his previous school in Canadia, everyone had envied him being the bellboy, but now they practically wished he didn't exist. Finally, when the spell lifted, he huffed off to his dorm and set down his bell, then heading off for breakfast.

He didn't know who the culprit had been this morning, but he knew better than to bring this to the dean, last time he'd done that, he'd gotten a patriotic wedgie. He grabbed his porridge and sat at the back of the canteen, as usual, all alone. He didn't have any friends here. but he hoped something or someone would change that, and soon. When the bell finally rang for first lessons, he went back to his dorm, grabbed his books and made his way to Science, his first class.

Once he'd sat down and started doodling on his book, brushing his golden brown hair out of his face every now and then, the professor cleared her throat.

"Good Morning class! Today, we welcome a new student, Ms. Ireland Coffey." There were various mumbles as Ireland smiled at the class. "You can take a seat back by Ackerly," smiled the Professor.

Ackerly's face went beet red, and he hid it behind his book. The doodles on the front and back dancing and moving as they usually did. Ireland sat down beside him and smiled.

"Hi," she said, smiling, showing off her two rows of gleaming white teeth.

Ackerly didn't know how he was going to get through this class, with by far the prettiest girl he'd ever seen sitting beside him.

The End

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