Magic, Monsters and Mayhem

Welcome to Mayhem Academy of magic. Meet the cast and wreak some good old-fashioned havoc. Whether it's sword-fighting, unicorn riding or teasing the janitor, you're sure to find something to do here...
Just watch out for projectile pillows in the early morning.

The clang of the morning bell rang harshly in Falladae's ears, it's harsh jarring tone clanging in his head. He heard a snarl come from beside him and a muffled "whump" as someone threw someing at the bell boy. There was a yelp of alarm from the boy and then the ringing stopped.

Falladae smiled, he knew who'd done that.

With a groan, he heaved himself upright on the low wooden bed. He blinked and yawned, stretching his muscles before getting to his feet and making his way over to the small stone wash basin at the end of his small room. The stone floor was cold under his feet, and the morning sunlight trickling in through the small window cast golden shadows across the dark, smooth stone, scattering the shadows to the furthest corners.

Plunging his hands into the icy water, Falladae scrubbed his face and arms, goosepimples rising on his skin at the touch of the cold water.  Shaking his head to toss a few strands of wet auburn hair out of his face, he looked at himself in the small cracked mirror he'd hung above the basin. A pair of pale blue eyes looked back at him, framed in a sun-browned face flushed red with cold. Water dripped from the tip of his aquiline nose and ran in rivers down his cheeks. Falladae grinned, he looked ridiculous when he was wet.

Turning away from the mirror, he returned to his bed and started hunting for his boots, which had been flung unceremoniously under the bed the previous night. Pulling them on, he tried to make himself look vaguely presentable by running a small comb through his tangled mass of hair. This had little effect on the knotty red-brown mass, so he simply sighed and left it as it was before pushing open the door to head to the mess hall to get his food.

The bell boy was standing in front of one of the doors looking slightly dazed, the bell held limply in his hand. Falladae chuckled as he walked past him, giving the boy an amicable pat on the shoulder.

Such were the hazards of living with magic users.

The End

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