Hayley's Beginning

The summer was hot. And long. I had spent most of it outside, reading books and wishing I was allowed to do spells outside of school. I had already decided that when I was 17, I was going to use magic as much as I could, to make up for the torture that was seeing my wand and spellbooks on the shelf, just waiting for September to come around. I couldn't wait to go back to school, something I had never had growing up, going to a normal, muggle primary school. Unaware of the wonders of magic.

'Hayley!' I heard my mum shout from downstairs, 'Come feed Finn!' Slowly tearing my self away from my book, I wandered out of my bedroom and slowly towards the kitchen, where my cat Finn was waiting, licking his lips greedily in the anticipation of cat food.

He was a clever one, that cat.

That was why I was glad when my letter had said I could take him with me, he'd only been a kitten at the time. He was a present for my eleventh birthday, a scrawny but very fluffy tabby cat, with a big head and huge yellow eyes.

Putting the bowl down for him, he dug in and quickly finished the whole thing, licking it out so there was no trace that I had fed him at all. He looked up at me, asking for more, his eyes getting even bigger as he tried to look as cute as possible.

'No.' I said, picking up the bowl, 'That's all you're getting.' He understood my body language and tone of voice, trailing around my feet and nearly tripping me up as I walked back upstairs.

My mum was waiting for me inside my room, frowning and looking at the mess on my floor. I'd taken to just dropping my things, instead of putting them away, a habit my parents hated.

'Why is your room always so messy? Grace's room is perfect!' I saw my 10 year old sister standing outside her room in the corner of my eye, a smug smile on her face and the doorway open to show her neat and tidy room. Showoff.

I grudgingly stepped inside and began tidying my things away, as mum moved off to continue her own tidying elsewhere. Finn looked up at my things from hogwarts and mewed. 

'I know Finn, not long now and we can go back. But for now, we have to put up with this.'

The End

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