I heard a splash and giggling ahead of me as I neared the cove. When I got there, and looked down from the top of the cliff, I saw four girls with tails. One had ginger hair and a green tail, one a brunette with a red tail, one more tanned than the others, with black hair and an orange tail. The fourth was Cordelia.

When they saw me, the three strangers squealed and dived into the water. Cordelia glanced up, smiled in recognition, and waved. 

"Girls, it's okay. It's my cousin Carly, who I was talking about!"

The one with the orange tail slid up onto a rock.

"Hello Carly. I'm Mira, here on exchange from India." Her accent was strong, and flowed wiht something silvery and light.

"Hi Mira, welcome to our island." I smiled.

Seeing that I meant no harm, the brunette popped her head out of the water and beamed.

"Nice to finally meet you Carls. I'm Sylvia."

The giner one sat beside Mira.

"I'm Katherine." she said, Irish playing on the words.

"So Carls, what brings you to our cove?" Cordelia called as I climbed down the old stone steps.

"My best friend, Ginny, moved to Italy a few days ago. I need something to keep my mind off it."

"I know just the thing. Come down a stand in the water." I gave her a questioning glance but she smiled and me and stared, as if she were concentrating very hard. I felt my legs go beneath me.

I sat up, spluttering and coughing and tried to push myself up. I failed. 

I looked down and instead of legs was a sea-green tail.

“Okay… So this is your genius plan of distraction?”

“Just try it out! Plus, there’s a carnival today!” Cordelia squealed.

“Fine.” I said reluctantly.

Mira flipped off her rock and was almost instantly next to me.

“Try it, it’s fun!”

I rolled onto my front and flipped my tail. It seemed to work okay. I twisted round and started swimming away from the cove. The water pulled through my hair. I swam for about one hundred metres without taking a breath. Mira and Cordelia caught up with me.

“Having fun yet?”

“Yeah, just stop to take a breath.”

“Why?” Mira asked, “You can hold your breath longer than that!”

She dived deep under the rippling waves.

The End

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