Carly looked up. She could see no one.

'Alright, who's there!' She yelled.

A tall boy stpped out from behind a tree a little way down the hill. He had dusty blond hair and blue eyes.

'I'm sorry. I came to find you. You have a beautiful voice.' he smiled, smugly.

'Who are you and why were you looking for me?' I demanded.

'Oh I'm sorry. I'm Rowan. Rowan Kellow? No, never heard of me? Okay, well, I know what you are.' I stifled a gasp. 'I'm the same. Yeah. I know. Come on, let's talk.'

He helped me up and led me towards the path. It's weird. I was pretty sure I'd never met him yet I felt like I'd known him forever. It was like I knew everything about him. He seemed to know an awful lot about me. Anyway, he seemed nice enough. We started chatting about being magical. He told me he was the male equivalent of a Halia Crill - a Solla Boin. We got on pretty well, I learnt that he was an only child and that his Grandma was called Czarina. I told him that I had a brother, my mum was a witch and my grandma was called Cassandra. He was fourteen, two years older than me.

'Anyway, let's hear you then.' I smiled.

'What?' he was confused.

'You're a Solla Boin! You can sing, can't you?'

'Oh, of course,' he was quite nervous, 'Um...'

He started humming, then burst into song on the chorus. I recognised it as Rule the world. It was uplifting, beautiful. I immeadiately felt happy.

'Wow, you've really got a hold on all this! You know what you're doing when it comes to the whole powers thing don't you?'

'Well, yeah.' he replied modestly. ' I didn't hear you properly seeing as I was hding behind a tree. Your turn.'

'Fine.' I started singing One that got away, quietly.

'Too quiet, can't hear you.' I raised the volume. He smiled.

'I haven't sang in front of anyone properly since I was like, seven. People interest in my voice always creeped me out, and now I can't sing in front of people until I harness my powers properly, in case they find out.'

'Yeah I know what you mean, I got teased a lot at school because I could sing. Now I suppose it's cooler but still, not allowed to sing for a few years.'

'Oh I don't know, you're pretty goo with that.'

'You have no idea.... Anyway, It's pretty late, we'd both better get home.' that was that. The end of my conversation with someone who was the same as me.

The End

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