The minute I got through the door, the phone rang. Mum and Andre were out, so I had to answer it.


'Carly? Look I -' It was Ginny's voice.

'Ginny! I thought you were mad at me! Look, about earlier. I didn't mean it, I'm sorry. I'm just stressed okay?'

'I'm over it, but I need to tell you something.'

'Oh god, you're not pregnant are you?'

'What! Ew no! N-no! What the?'

'Sorry just your tone.... Sorry.'

'No it's just um.... Well...'

'Just tell me woman!'

'We're moving to Italy.' All my original slightly cheerfullness drained. I dropped the phone.

'Carls? Are you there? CARLS! Are you okay.'

I was frozen to the spot. I heard Ginny hang up. I slumped back into the chair behind me. My best friend - and only friend in school come to think of it - was moving to Italy. That left me with my only other friend, Quentin, who went to a provate boys school about an hour away.

Mum took a rather different approach. She decided it was a good thing, because I wouldn't want to lie too her about the singing thing. I would have had to leave school any way, to learn about the magic my family possessed, and about my personal powers. Now I could leave freely, without anyone caring which school I went to now.

I decided this was an occasion that required the hill. Out there, my worries were gone. I could be free. Only Quentin knew about my hill world. He wouldn't disturb me, unless it was important and not at this time of night.

I sat out there, knees curled up under my chin, and sang for my life. It was relieving to finally get out my song. My song of the week was Kiss Me. It's beautiful, and not too tricky (especially for me....).

I heard a sneeze.

The End

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