The next week I was back at school and acting totally normal. Ginny, however, always suspecting something is wrong, nagged all day.

'Carls! Seriously Carls, what happened?'

'Ginny, I told you. Grandma came because I needed to go to her house. Mum broke her arm so she couldn't look after me.'

'Carlywarly? Charleywoollywarlly?'

'What! I told you the truth! Don't you ever believe anything I say? Is it because you don't trust me? Because friends are all about trust right?'

She shut up after that and trotted off to find Yolanda. I hope I didn't hurt her too much. She's a bit sentimental and timid.

The day went on normally and after school I made my way to Quentin's. He wouldn't be home yet. He went to a private school a few miles away, but his aunt let me in and got a cup of tea.

After a while, I decided to start the project she and Quentin had decided to do for Stage Specialists - a club both of them attended involving: acting, singing, dancing, instryments and script writing. There was also backstage activities like: painting, sewing, stage-hand training, directing and ushering.

Me and Quentin had taken on the job of designing the structure of their next show; Cats. I decided to start myself. This consisted of searching the entire house for a large piece of paper to plan everything.

I liked organising things. First, I made a folder for song sheets for Quen as he was finding the music for the band. Then came the task of drawing up costumes.


Old Deuteronomy

The whole list from Griddlebone to Exotica. List first, then pictures. I had got to Bustopher Jones, when there was a voice behind me.

"Wow, you've done a lot without me!"

"Yeah s'pose.. Anyway, you have to find the music and the tunes. Remember, you have a Viol-ist now!"

"Fine! Wait - why are you randomly in my house before I get home from school doing a project?"

"Because I'm allowed. You just aren't used to being trusted, axe murderer!"

He laughed manically, and sat down at his computor to find the songs.

The End

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