‘Hey! Do you like shopping?’ Cordelia suddenly exclaimed.
‘Yeah why?’ I replied
‘Well I haven’t been on land in ages and so I haven’t been shopping and I just thought it would be the perfect excuse to go on land, and shopping and get to know you as well!’
‘But how do you…..?’
‘No!’ I was interrupted by Meriel, ‘You’re not going on land!’
‘But please! We haven’t seen the world for two years mum!’
‘I’ll look after you dear, and it’s safer now.’ Alba chimed in.
‘Okay,’ Meriel accepted reluctantly, ‘but precautions must be taken.’
‘I still don’t get how you……?’ I was still confused.
‘I’ll show you then.’ Cordelia said excitedly. 

Before my eyes, Cordelia and Meriel transformed. Their scaly tails turned to long legs covered by some kind of fabric. Their bikini tops turned into vest tops which matched their original colours.

Unlike Winnston, I loved the secret. Our secret. I loved screts, they were special. They were something you could smile about at the darkest of times. Something to brrod over when there's nothing else to do. They were brilliant, unless people knew it. Then it wasn't so good. It wasn't even a secret. Sometimes secrets could hurt as well.

But this was a good secret. A secret only we shared, out secret world. A secret hidden form the rest of the universe. They, the mermaids, the mythical species, were actually related to me. I relished that thought. But it wasn't just them. I was magic too. I could change people using only my voice, hypnotise people by seranading them. Our secret....


Twenty minutes later, two women, three young girls and an elderly woman were walking around Booble together, each carrying bags filled with clothes and stationary and books.

'One shop left to visit!' Cordelia laughed. 'My favourite; the boutique on Jurped Street.'
'Then go to Starbucks.' Faerie agreed.

We carried on to the little boutique - beauty undivided - and wandered round inside. It was quite big, bigger than most charity shops. It sold clothes and bags and jewellry, mainly homemade actually.

Meriel was quite enjoying herself. She had bought a beautiful red dress, planning to come back to land again soon; she also had waterproof mascara, lipstick, several notbooks which she could laminate in a special way, pens, hair accesories and a hairbrush, and a 'coral' neckalce that she could laugh with ther friends about (how naive these people were she thought).

Cordelia picked up some fake pearl earings. Pearl was, even for mermaids, hard to find. Mermaids would be jealous of these but even so, Cordelia went on hunt with her friends all the time and had found some beautiful pearls, therefore, she turned her nose up at these. She thurned towards the bags and started playing with a purple one with lots of pockets.

In the end, all we bought is some butterfly earings for grandma - courtesy of Faerie, chosen by her too and agreed b all of us. Then, we walked back down the road and into Starbucks. That was about the extent of Meriel and Cordelia being out of water. Being in human form and without water was very tiring for them. You could see how drained they were. So we trudged back to the beach. Alba formed an air bubble around their bags of shopping and they transformed back to their true, tailed form.

'We'll have to show you our world sometime, Carly!' Cordelia shouted to me as I stood at the top of the beach, before she turned and dived off the rock she was perched on. Her mother turned once for to wave at her mother, sister and nieces. Then she followed her daughter into the vast, blue velvet that was the sea.

The End

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