A few days later, in school, I was sitting in my History class with my friend Ginny Motor, when Mrs Burgess from the office came in and said there was someone to see me. I followed her into the office. There, waiting for me were four people, waiting for me. Mrs Burgess sat down at her desk and motioned for me to sit too.

'I'm not sure on the situation here Carly, but your grandma and family have come to see you.' she said, unsurely.

One of the people was grandma, another was Winston, a boy a few years above me whom I knew almost  nothing about. He looked quite uncomfortable. There was a tall teenage girl with bright pink hair and a long white dress, and an old woman with white-grey hair and greyish clothes. She looked keen, eager, happy.

'May we take the girl for a while?' the old woman pleaded.

'I'm not sure it's on school regulations but since you're family..... you might as well.' Mrs Burgess was slightly unesy but kind and reasonable.

'Thank you.' Grandma sighed.

So we walked out of school, grandma and I hand in hand, until we reached the beach. It was deserted during school time. The old woman turned to me.

'I hear you've inherited family talents. My name's Alba, I'm your aunt and I'm a witch just like your mother. This is Faerie, your cousin. You can probably guess what she is,' she indicated the pink teenager, 'and this is Winston, her brother. Unfortunately he doesn't have an talen-'

'It's not unfortunate! I want nothing to do with this stupid little freak world you have! I want none of it!' And with that he  stormed off into the field, only to be chased by the bull, all the way home.

There was a silence.
'Well, Win was always a bit like that weren't he dear?' Alba soothed. 'Right, now you've met us I want to introduce you to someone else. That's why I chose this location. I want you to meet my other sister, Meriel. Follow me!' She started scrambling over the rocks, we all followed - Faerie flew. After about three minutes of scrambling, tripping and jumping we reached a tiny cove hidden from sight by an overhang. We stood for a minute or two, then there was a splash in the water. A woman crawled out and flopped onto a rock. But she wasn't a woman, she had  scales wrapped around where her legs should be, and it flared out at the end. Two younger girls with exactley the same formation as the woman.

'M-m-mermaids?' I gasped.

'Yeah honey, why so surprised? Better get used to it in this family!' the oldest said, She had red-blonde hair and a pale blue-pink tail. She had long turquiose nails . 

One of younger ones piped up.
'I'm Cordelia, this is Kendra, we're sea mermaids.' Cordelia has short blonde hair and a pink tail. Kendra had long black hair and a black and purple tail. She looked fed up and dark. Her long nails were black.
'Kendra, don't be rude! Say hello to your cousin now!' Meriel scolded.
'Hi.' was all Kendra said before flipping over and diving back into the sea.

'She's always like that.' Cordelia chirped happily. 'I believe now is a good time to get aqqauinted?'

And so we did. We sat on the beach, occainsionally playing in the water when Meriel or Cordelia felt too dry, chatting and joking and generally just being in each others company for the rest of the day. It felt good to have a family.



The End

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