I wandered over to my hill and sat down. Then thought better of it. This wasn't the type of time I should be alone, I'm an emo, I was likely to slit my wrists or something - which I had done many times in this exact spot. Not on my birthday. 
                     I stood up and slowly made my way down to Quentin's house, a small cottage in town. He answered the door immeadiately.
                     'Carly! What are you doing here? You're supposed to be with you're family!' he scolded
                     'Oh Quentin! Don't tell me off. Anyway, I said I wanted to go see you and they agreed.' I replied.
                   He let  me in and we went up to his bedroom; it was a small room overlooking the town centre, with a bed on one side, and a desk (always tidy) and his wardrobe. 
                   I sat on the bed, instantly relaxed. I knew this place so well.
                   'So what's up?' Quentin always expected something was wrong if I came to see him, and if there was I would always tell him. In this case there was but I couldn't tell him! It was the most frustrating thing ever.
                   'No, not really. Just wanted to see you.' I had to lie.
                   'Oh,' was all he said. Then 'Ooh! Wait! I got you something!' he squealed. He ran over to his wardrobe and opened the second draw. From it, he took a small, silver box.
                    I opened the lid. Hanging from a silver chain was a black and silver moon. It was perfect, I loved the night and he knew it. We often hung out together on dtop of iola hill for hours at night, often up til Dawn broke. Then we'd sneak back home and crawl into bed to get some sleep before school only a few hours later.
                   I was still staring at it when he also poked a headband in my face. it was purple, knitted and had a bow on one side. I was speechless. These were the best two presents I had ever received. 
                 'Well?' he demanded.
                'I-I....' I couldn't seem to find the words. Instead I through my arms around him and he laughed.
               We sat together and talked until his mu came and told us I had to go home hours later. I walked dully home. Mum was sitting at the table again, reading her book this time. She put her finger on her lips which I knew to mean that Andre was already asleep. I crept up stairs, followed by mum who kissed my forehead. I feltclose to her now that I knew we were linked by our magical powers. I felt for the first time in my life that mum was truly proud of me.

The End

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