Grandma had arrived at about 11:00. We had lunch and I had slipped upstairs while the adults chatted for hours like usual. I practically lived in my room at home, in fear that if I were in anpther room, my mum culd come in. Wheras my room was private. It was small and dark. I sat on my bed, with my radio on loud, almost blasting out My Chemical Romance, and writing in my new notebook. 
                Finally, I heard chairs scraping downstairs. That meant it was time. Wait - why was I waiting for it? I was majorly creeped out. Why, after all this time, would my mother want to talk to me? And why bring Grandma into it too? Grandma never wanted to 'talk' as such in private, it was always casual, never so sincere.
              There were footstep on the stairs. I closed my notebook, leaned over and turned my radio off and slowly stood up.
'Hi dear,'  the door swung open, 'You ready?'
'Yeah, just coming,' I replied reluctantly.
We left the house and I lead Mum and Grandma towards Iola hill. Then stopped. I didn't want them to know about my secret place. I changed course slightly, and went around Iola hill, towards the one opposite it. It was a lot higher so we stopped about half way up. 
                  ' So, what is it?' I asked.
                  'Well. This is big. Hummmm, how do I say it?' Mum thought out loud.
                  'Let me tell her Trudy, I told you didn't I? I'm more experienced.' Grandma interupted. Thankfully. I'd prefer to hear it from Grandma. Whatever 'it'is.
                'You are magic. This whole family is. You mother is a witch, I'm a nymph and you take after your great grandmother, my mother. She was a Halia Crill.'
                'A what!?' I screamed
                'It literally means girl of the sun. You sing like an angel. It's a gift. When you sing, you can change people's moods. You actually have complete control over them. It can be used for good and evil though, be careful.
              'It must be kept a secret, only between us and possibly your husband when you meet him. The rest of the magical family of coourse knows about this. You havent met them yet. You have an aunt and cousins that are mermaids, an aunt that's another witch, a fairy cousin and a zombie pirate cousin. There are of course lots of other zombie pirates but I'm not exactlt sure where they are only the family tree.'
              As she said this, my jaw dropped lower and lower and I stood in awe. So that's where my singing talents came from. Then I realised something.
               'I can't even tell Andre?' I said, upset.
               'No, I'm afraid not. See, he might not have any magic talents or gifts.' Grandma soothed.

Grandma and Mum walked off, murmuring something about leaving time for the information to sink in. It already had but I was just so shocked. I believed it all. Then something clicked. This morning, I had seen someone, tal and dark, leaning over almost this exact spot. I looked down. There was a patch of mushrooms; squat, black mushrooms. She was brewing a potion because, of course, she was a witch.

The End

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