Magic is Reality

This tale begins a long time before you  or I were born. Long before anyone can remember. But I know what they knew then. I am Carly Gala Mile, and I will tell my part of this story, my friends will tell theirs. You might understand in the end.

We live on an island, and island far out in the Pacific ocean. It's called Ellith. Most is made up of the Ellithian empire but we live quietly alongside in Lilonika. Lilonika is great yet small. We are made up off a few great cities which I shall explain to you.

Firstly, Booble, a tourist attraction city really, large with old buildings and marble courtyards and statues.

Second, Blue. I originated from there. It's large and very close to the most important city of all which I shall metion in a minute. A lot of the most important people in this story come from there too.

Thirdly, Harrington, the capitalv - although it's not really that important in my tale, it is the main city in our land. It's mainly malls, sports centres, statues, memorials and very large stone offices.

Then, Melif, a university town. Not very important to me but I know a lot of people who go to university there or work there. Now on to the really important stuff.

Marksy, a very small village, everyone knows each other, everything is stone and gates and the milkman. Plomii, a small town near Melif, which is where I live now. Lots of people know each other now, and it's made up of two main families, joined somehow, known as the gold family and the Profits. We have all the essentials, shop, school, houses, hotel, mayor. And lastly, Grange town. The home of the mayor of lilonika and the base of the Playmobers, child government. The Picadilly family (and the Harringtons) is the ruling family in the sense that it's the biggest. However, the Harringtons have been mayors for generations. I all starts in Booble, when I was twelve.....

The End

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