The only force in the universe which has the ability to defy logic, physics, even time - sometimes simply to prove that it can. The "black sheep" of the family of forces; forces which provide the structural foundation for everything that was, is, and ever will be present in the fragile plane of existence we call reality.

Magic takes the cold calculation and pure logic that the other forces try so desperately to uphold and maintain - the very source of the universe's stability - magic takes this logic and bites its head clean off. 

In the beginning, only the Celestial Creator had knowledge of magic. Magic was the master key in the formation of this dimensional plane. Something was created out of nothing, the rocks melted to form ocean, a near infinite amount of stars filled the space where there had previously not been a single atom in sight. Magic was also crucial in the genesis of life. The sound of heartbeats pulsed where, previously, cold and vast silence was the only sound known.

We mere mortals, fueled by the twin cardinal sins of greed and envy, of course desired the touch of magic that our maker held so tightly in his grasp. This led to the birth of an individual named Vivek. Only two decades after his emergence into our world, civilization marked down the seventh of July as the first time a human ever dared to defy the Celestial Creator... and succeeded. Vivek stole magic. It is still debated among historical scholars how this seemingly impossible feat was accomplished, but accomplished it was nonetheless - and that's more than pretty damn impressive in itself. Vivek returned from his journey up the mountain with the knowledge of levitation, transformation, and more. Man held the power to raise the sun and set the moon.

Needless to say, chaos erupted not long after. When I can't sleep at night, I find myself wondering why the Celestial Creator didn't simply shut us off at this point - was He simply amused by our foolhardy desire to become more like Him? As hell broke loose around him, Vivek the Unleasher knelt before a statue of our maker and prayed for forgiveness. It is said that Vivek closed a deal with the Celestial Creator - also making him the only human in history to ever directly communicate with the Creator. The terms of the agreement? In exchange for his life, the mortal people of our realm would be allowed to have magic - albeit in a limited form as so not to interfere with the Celestial Creator's grand design.

So, our human history was built on magic from then on. Magic became an integral part of our lives in every way possible, from everyday conveniences such as faster transportation to gruesome, world conquering warfare.


"Magic is dying."

"Reggie, shush! You're going to get us in trouble again," I scolded.

My brother scowled at me and closed his textbook. "It's true. Our magic is controlled by the Celestial Creator. As long as He holds the key, we're only ever getting a single drop of magic's true potential. All of the money and research that the High Mage Council puts into developing artificial magical amplifiers, it's all worthless."

"You know, brother, some of us actually have an aptitude for magic," I snapped.

He sat down in the seat beside me and slammed my book shut. "Hey!" I gasped.

Whatever page that was, was now lost. It'll take me forever to - "Are you saying that I don't have the talent for magic?" Reggie hissed, "You're insinuating that the only reason I hate magic so much is because I'm no good at it; that's total crap and you know it, brother. I can use magic with the same proficiency as you or any other student - but I'm not overwhelmed by the energy like you are. I see magic as it really is: a diluted form of something better, something that we will never be able to grasp. It sickens me."

Oh goodness. Here comes the - "That's why I want to move to the Western World."

The technology speech. "Unlike magic," Reggie continued, "Modern technology isn't being siphoned down to us through a pinhole. The Celestial Creator has no rule over technology. It's a tool we've invented for ourselves to replace this outdated and broken magic; technology is the perfect weapon of rebellion against the Celestial Creator's sorry excuse for magic."

"Reggie," I sighed, "I'm sick of getting this glorified technology speech every week. If you won't actually run away to the Western World like you keep saying you will, then shut up and study for exams - they're in four days."

"You know I would, but dad would have a heart attack if I ran off. And we both know there's no magical cure for that", he half-joked.

The bedroom door clicked open and we both instinctively turned around. Our father stood at the door, his dark brown beard hanging all the way down to his knees. "Reginald," he began. He sounded much more tired than usual. "When will you ever understand? Magic is a gift from our Creator, for us to use appropriately to improve our quality of life.  To turn to -" he spits at the floor - "Technology, is to defy our father who gave us life. We aren't meant to have absolute power, for we are only human. Limiting our control of magic is the Creator actually doing mankind a favor. No son of mine will be a preacher for technology. Now, both of you, to your beds. It's getting late."

The door clicked closed behind us. "I'm done."


"I can't live in this cage anymore. I'm done."

A slight smile formed at the edge of my lips. "You're actually going to this time?"

"I have to, bro... or I'll go insane living here, being forced to conform and praise the 'almighty power of magic'. The Western World calls my name," he whispered, staring out the window into the darkness of the night. 

I took a glance out the window and, upon seeing nothing, realized that Reggie was just lost in thought and wasn't actually looking at anything interesting outside. "Yeah, well, good for you, man. I'm going to sleep," I declared.

I climbed up to the top bunk and laid down. With the wave of my hand, a soft, white wool blanket appeared for the sole purpose of enveloping my drowsy mortal body with warmth and comfort beyond comprehension. I didn't see what Reggie's big fuss with magic was... this was the life. Technology? Pfft. You have to develop technology. Magic is just... everywhere.

The End

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