Magic in my veinsMature

A single tap on the window, the girl turns her head from her place on the bed. Counting to ten mentally she stands her hands moving the curtain, standing there is a young man. She smiled pulling open the window and stepping aside to let him in, he dose step in casting a side glance her way his face more controlled. 


They both stand there, eyes watching for some kind of reaction. Then they step forward embracing each other, Hunter puts his arms around Emily her tiny body fitting into his embrace. “God I missed you” He breathes his lips brushing her ear; she shivered her head resting idly on his chest. She missed this feeling the feeling of the heat of his body pressed against hers.


“I missed you to,” She whispered stepping backwards leading in to sit on the bed; they didn’t have a lot of time they never did. He was running and she was hiding always hiding. Hunter was a werewolf, Emily had know the first time she had seen him, much like he had know she was a witch. It was easy to pick out supernatural from a crowd of humans; there was a light behind their eyes.


Tonight she noticed the flickers of gold in Hunter’s usually clear blue eyes, it had bothered it her at first. She wanted to ask where he had been, but he never talked about the pack like she never talked about her coven. It was a common understand between the both of them that their world should never meet; they were breaking countless rules right now.


But Hunter was always careful, he kept her safe. She had accepted him a long time ago, and learned never to ask because she did not want to know. Hunter pushed her down onto the bed lying on his side still holding her close to him. She could hear the speedy rhythm of his heart, before it would have alarmed her but werewolf’s hearts beat much faster than humans.


“We don’t have much time,” She breathed her face hidden against his chest, they never had time. He only nodded and leaned down taking in a deep breath. He was taking in her scent, to remember her. Much like the way she was trying to take in everything about him right now, so she could paint a picture in her mind after when he left.


“My father is making he go with a small group to take care of some mutts causing trouble up north, I should only be gone for a week or so.”  He explained breaking the blanket of silence around them, she only nodded. She knew that mutt’s could be a problem to the pack, well his pack. It would be his pack someday; his father was the Alpha right now. They dreamed what he would take over and break all of the silly rules about who a wolf is allowed to mate and she would rule right beside him.


It was a dream they both shared, a witch and a wolf. They could solve the problem if he changed her, but that would cut her off from the world of magic forever, she would lose her power. That was something she was not sure she could live without, so they dreamed even more to fill the gap.


Emily rolled over to face him her green eyes shining; she reached out brushing a loose strand of blond hair from his pale features. “How long do you have?” She asked her eyes searching his, catching the flickers of gold in his gaze. The gold meant he was more wolves then human, when he changed his eyes went all gold meaning there was little human intellect left. 


“I leave in the morning,” He muttered his lips pressed against the skin of her neck, he trailed soft kissed on his skin while whispering I love you again her skin.  Emily smiled her hands snaking around his neck, she shivered against him. He would be leaving again, and she would have to go down and smile like there was nothing wrong. The next thing she knew he was pulling a blanket over her, and she was slipping into darkness.


She was awoken by finger brushing her skin lightly; she opened her eyes to see clear blue eyes looking down at her. “I have to go,” Hunter whispered placing a gentle kiss on her lips; she smiled and returned the kiss. She could feel the tears I her eyes but she took deep calming breaths and refused to let them fall. When he stood she did was well watching him jump down from her two story window onto the floor.


Once on the ground Hunter turned blowing her a kiss before taking off into the light wooded area behind her house. Once she was sure he was gone she felt the warm tears trickling down her cheeks, every time he left she wondered if he would ever come back. She was not sure how long she stood there, but by the time someone knocked on her door the tears were dry.


In the small little forest two shinning eyes watched the witch in the window, this was bad. A wolf stepped out into the sunlight he shook his head, and then turned back into the forest. This was something that had to be dealt with; wolves didn’t fall for witches.  He would have to tell Gabriel about this, Hunter was supposed to be the Alpha.


A week turned into two weeks, Emily waited and waited by her window. She worried about him so much, she cast every communication spell she knew and nothing happened. There was no way to make contact from where ever he was, this only made her feel worse.  One weekend her parents had gone out for a lecture on higher level spells. Now her father was a sorcerer and her mother was a witch so she was a little bit of both, she could do witch and sorcerer magic. So that night she was alone in her room, the next day Hunter was coming back, she hadn’t spoken to him but she knew he was coming home.


At around 12 am Emily put away her grimories and went to bed, it didn’t last long. At around 1 am she woke up feeling a tugging in the back of her mind. Her first thought was that Hunter was back, but the feeling in the pit of her stomach told her that it was not him. She sat up her eyes looking around in the darkness off her room; she opened her mouth to call out but then closed it before anything came out.  Slowly she slipped out of bed, readying a fire ball spells in case something was really wrong. Pushing the door open with her foot she stepped into the darkened hall way.


IN the world of super naturals it was hard to know what day would be your last. Witches were not meant to fight, they could defend themselves and heal. So Emily had a tendany to over react to every little thing, with good cause. Her mother was a powerful witch, in her youth she had found spell books allowing her to preform higher level spells. She was hunted, the witches who ruled the coven at the time were not as happy to have these books found. So her mother was forced underground hiding herself and the spells, then she fell in love with a sorcerer. There was little times in her life that Emily felt she was truly safe, for her danger was every where.


The was house still, as you would expect since she was inside alone. But there was something else in the air, the stillness was unnatural and she knew all about that. A shiver passed through her, her hand gripped the knob as if the refuge lay behind the door, as if what ever was out here could not reach her in her room. The shaodws moved around her, but what ever was there refused to let itself be seen. Panic was beginning to take hold of her, she whispered a light spell. Waiting for the click in her mind, the one that told her the spell worked but nothing happened.


Then she saw it, two shinning gold eyes a few feet away from her. She opened her mouth ready to utter another spell when something slammed into her from behind.  Emily went flying to the floor her body hitting the hardwood floor with a thud, the spell was gone. She tried to stand but a paw of on her back nail cutting into her skin. Wolves, how had they found her? Panic flared in her mind choking blinding panic, filling her mind like water, like she was drawing in it. The wolf on top of her growled, telling her to stay down, she tried to move but the grip on her neck only tightened.


“Don’t move little witch, or David will rip your throat out.” The voice was young it sounded a little but like Hunter’s voice, her eyes raised up. Standing there was a younger looking version of Hunter, she knew him Hunter talked about him sometimes it was his half brother.  She sucked in a deep breathed her lips moved soundless in a suffocation spell, the wolf on top of her gasped and stepped away from her.


Emily jumped up her hand moving out in front of her a energy spell hitting the young man square in the chest. Then she was running as fast as her legs could carry her, she could hear the sound of paws around her and the sound of someone shouting. But she didn’t stop she couldn’t stop they would kill her, so she raced into the bathroom room. Shutting the door she cast a lock spell on the door, it wouldn’t keep they out for long. She was not that strong it was a witch spell she had not taken the time to learn the higher level version of the spell.


Gasping she jumped into the bathroom, her arms around her legs. What was she going to do, shaking she tried to stand but her legs would not hold herself up.  Tears clouded her vision; they were going to kill her. Did they know about her and Hunter, no how this could happen Hunter was always so carful?  Then she heard it the growling and sound of nails on the wooden doors, they were coming through. Wait, Emily finally was able to stand. They didn’t know about the second door, she crept away from the locked door, and reached for the handle of the second door.  She inched it open slowly trying to not make too much noise, she had gotten out into other room.


Pushing the door open slowly, she could see the wolves trying to get in the door.  But they were two fast, a head turned towards her. She tried to cast a spell but something jumped her from behind. Teeth pressed against her neck it was hard but not hard enough to break skin. She screamed but the wolf forced her down again, tears dropped onto her cheeks.  She cast again the suffocation spell, got up and ran again her lungs burning with every breath she took.


But she didn’t stop she took off flying down the steps grateful for the fact that it was not the whole pack, and that most of them were still up stairs. On the last step she trapped falling over her own legs before landing on the ground. It only took a second for her to stand up again then she was running for the back of the house. But as she rounded the corner into the kitchen something ripped at the skin on her leg. She collapsed blood pouring onto the floor, claws ripped into her arm holding her there. Pain fogged her mind her own blood rushing out of her, and she knew she had been caught. Her lips moved casting a small spell to stop the bleeding from her wounds.


She could see a pair of human feet coming towards her followed by at least four wolves behind him. She turned her eyes down as he spoke to her, “Well, well little Emily you gave us a hell of a chase” He smiled kneeling down in front of her, she felt the teeth being removed from her neck she was going to be bruised. “But after all your only a weak little witch,” He reached for her chin forcing her to look at him, he watched her for a moment. His eyes were a blue as well but lighter then Hunter, she turned her eyes from him. But his fingers tighten on her jaw until she thought he was going to break it and she looked at him again, “What does my poor brother see in you.” He whispered acidly forcing her head back down on the floor.


Two humans walked behind her, now fully dressed. She felt the ruff rope being tied around her wrists, she tried to struggle her lips moving in another spell. But she felt something against her face. She took a deep breath, then smelt whatever was o her face. Her eyes were getting heavy she stopped breathing trying to stay awake, but she needed to breath. Before she knew it, her eyes were closing, her mind whirling. 


Finally Emily opened her eyes, her vision was blurred. But she knew she was still in her house, blinking a few times she cleared her vision. She was laying her on her back, in her bed. “Look the little witch is awake.” A voice above her lured, she looked over at him getting a spell ready. But there was something blocking her speech, she tried to bite down but there was something in her mouth. He leaned down tapping whatever was in her mouth, “Ha-ha poor girl can’t cast a spell, and shall we leave something for Hunter?”


He leaned down his face inched form hers, his fingers traced her lips. Then she felt a stinging on her lips, he cut her. Tilting her face down there was a sheet of paper there, her blood dripping onto it.


“There he should get this soon,” he whispered then he snapped his fingers two people were at her side hauling her up with her arms that were tied behind her back. She tried to struggling again, but one of them hit her stomach she doubled over her eyes watering form the pain. She tried to cast again but her words were not coming out right only as grunts nothing that even sounded like a spell.


"Sometimes the power of the spell isn;t in the words, but the energy." Her mothers voice floated back to her. Shutting her eyes she felt the ground moving under her giving way to the steps. Then there was a grunt from beside her, green eyes snapped open. Objects from the shelves where flying at the wolves, a small bubble of pride welled up inside her. She cast over and over again in her mind, the men dropped her she went down like she had no bones.


"Knock her out!!" She heard someone scream, she tried to crawl away in vein. Something large collided with the side of her head, making stars and colors explode in her vision. By the time she struggled through the blackness in her mind, she was already in a car. Her escaped seemed all the smaller now, her chances fading away with every bump she felt under her.  


It took a few moments for Emily to being fully functioning, well as good as she could get in the state she was in.The man was beside hersitting bac relaexed, “I’m Gabriel, Hunter’s half brother.” Emily turned away her eyes watching the window, they were going fast moving through side roads. She had no idea where she was going, but she was sure they were moving out of the city, or that was where they were going to go. “Look at me you bitch,” He snapped reaching out and grabbing her hair pulling her head to face him, he snarled at her his teeth flashing. Again she could see the gold in his eyes that she had seen so many times in Hunter’s eyes, maybe because of Hunter it did not scare her as much as it should have given her current situation.


She knew her place she looked at him holding his gaze, and then lowering her eyes to his chest. She felt him releasing his grip on her hair, her head dropped. Her head was spinning pain still moved through her; she could feel it in every part of her body.  Her head hurt, her arm, her leg. Her mind slowly slipped into nothingness, her head slipping to the side resting on the window. 


When she woke up she was along again, her mouth still gagged. Blinking a few times she cleared her vision, sitting up slowly. She was on a bed, her hand untied but her mouth still gagged so she couldn’t cast spells. Looking down she pulled up the sleeve of her shirt, her arm had been cleaned and taken care of. When she looked at her leg it had been cleaned and taken care of too, she rolled back onto the bed. Turning she saw a window bared shut, there was sun light shining through the window a whole day had passed, shutting her eyes she cried again.



Hunter raced through the forest, he was tried but he needed to see her. He had been gone for some time, two weeks she must be worried.  When he reached the house he leaped onto the window ledge, he tapped the window. He waited but after the ten second no one came, he pushed it open it was open.  A wall of scents hit him each making his skin crawl, he stepped inside. The room was empty; his eyes drawn to the paper on the bed that smelted like Emily.


He could almost see her sitting there on the bed, her brown hair falling in front of her eyes. She would sit like that for a few moments looking at him through stands of hair. Then she would move her hair and green eyes would be watching him again, she would be laughing her lips turned up in  the smallest smile.  But the image was not there, the bed was empty he was alone.  


Sitting he lifted it with shaking hands, it was Emily’s blood on the paper he also knew the hand writing. “Cute little witch brother, call me at the number at the bottom of the page if you want to see her alive.” Under the blood stain there was another small sentence, “Look she bleeds so nicely.” Hunter snarled tossing the paper to the ground; he stared for a moment then leaned down and picked it up.  His hands were shaking, they took her.


He was carless and they took her, his mind raged it was his fault. He read the note over again skipping the part about the blood, not that it was the only blood the belonged to her in the house. There was only a number there nothing else to tell him where they might have taken her, standing he placed the letter gently on the bed. The smell of blood was all over the house, human blood, Emily’s blood. He could see the little piles all over the halls, the smell filling the house. 


As he walked he cursed, he cursed the fact that he had not been there. He felt like he was being ripped apart from the inside, this was his fault. He could almost see the battle happening, he shook his head. Damn it he had been so careful when he came to see her, he knew this might happen but he tried so hard. But it wasn’t enough no they had found her, and now who knows what the choice was going to be.


Finally after Hunter had gone around the house playing out the chase in his mind, he went back to Emily’s room. The note was still there, and the phone was sitting there as if watching him. He lifted the note, and dialed the number. It only rang once before he heard a voice he knew all too well, “Well Hunter it’s about time you called your poor girl has been all shook up over you.”


His fingers tightened around the phone shutting his eyes tightly, Emily. “What have you done Gabriel?” A horrible bitter laugh came from the other end of the phone; Hunter had to take a few deep breaths, he needed to stay calm for Emily.


“I’m fixing the life you messed up Hunter.” Gabriel snapped Hunter took a deep breath, shutting his eyes again and counting to ten before he opened his eyes again. “What do you want me to do?” Hunter asked his voice tight with pain, he needed to see Emily. He had gotten her into this mess and he had to get her out, no matter what. 


“Come and see us Hunter, if you get here come and see the little witch” Gabriel whispered acidly from the other end of the phone. “Tell me where you took her!” Hunter cried gripping the phone tightly in his hand. “Think hard brother where would I take a witch?” He asked then the line went dead.


Hunter dropped the phone letting it slide form the bed and fall to the floor, he just looked at it. He was shaking with anger, they had her. They took Emily but where, where would they take a witch. Then it hit him, the warehouse. It was pack property it was where they kept mutts until then knew what to do with them.  Where else would they take her, she loved nature. It was where she was the most powerful; the best place to put her would to be somewhere cut off from that. Why did it matter so much, why did it matter she could cast spells.


Anger rushed through him he stood rushing out the front door, he would find her. He needed to go home and get his car, the drive was long and hard and he needed to be there fast. He couldn’t tell his father, he would be cast out of the pack for it. It was horrible cast out for falling in love with a beautiful talented witch.


Emily was not sure how long she had spent working on undoing the gag in her mouth; her fingers were beginning to cramp up.  For the life of her she could not understand how this gag worked she could not see it in the back only making getting it off that much harder. She worked and worked her back facing the door her eyes watching the window. She was a moment to late when she heard the door open, a body knocked into her.


Her hands were ripped down, “You little bitch and I even had good news for you.” Gabriel snarled from behind her, “Someone gets me a rope.” She heard running steps could he heard coming towards them, and then she felt the ruff rope being bound tightly around her wrists. Sucking in a deep breath she tried to fight the growing urge to lash out at him with as much strength as she had, which was not very much at the moment.  


Gabriel stepped away from her pushing her back onto the bed struggling to get up with her hands bound behind her. Emily felt him sitting down on the bed beside her; he pulled her up by the ropes on her hands. “I was about to come in here and tell you good news and you go and try to rip the gag off.” He snarled she moved adjusting herself so that she was sitting before him.


This turned out to be a bad idea, because Gabriel lashed out at him her hand hitting hard again the side of her face.  She reeling her head swimming she could feel the shot where he had it his, it felt like the skin was on fire. She breathed hard fighting for control, tasting the cooper bitterness of her own blood in her mouth as she bit down on her cheek. 


“Guess who I talked to just now,” Gabriel asked leaning over to her putting his face to close to her own.   She knew she already knew who he had talked to; she did not need to ask him. He had talked to Hunter, was he coming for her. That meant he was alive he made it back, she turned away her mind spinning. She closed her eyes muttering something from behind the gag, she knew again she had done something that was only going to get her in more trouble.


Emily felt Gabriel’s fingers curling around a long strand of her light brown hair, he pulled her head backwards.  He pulled her so hard that her body was forced backward into his lap, his face looming over her. “What did you say witch?” The last word was spat as if it was a curse, a bad thing to be. She took pride in her powers and what she was if she could open her mouth she would spell him so badly.


She just looked at him; his fingers untangled form her hair and tapped the gag in her mouth.  “That ball gag is so fitting for you,” He comments his finger tracing over it, her face went white. Ball gag how disgusting must she look right now, she turned her eyes away from him. She could almost feel him smiling, “I think I’ll let the boys have some fun with you.” He commented tapping his own lip now, but before he could drag her up something vibrated in his pocket.


Gabriel stood pushing Emily to the floor she landed hard on her back the shock of the fall rippling through her whole body. “Ah Hunter, how are you, are you good boy, do you want to talk to her?” She could only hear one side of conversation but the moment Hunter’s name was called her heart beat ten times faster.   When she phone was pressed to her ear, she screamed and cried to him for all she was worth. They all came out in horrible muffled sounds, she could hear Hunter’s voice on the other line.


“Emily listen to me, do what your told don’t give them any reason to hurt you” Then his voice sounded so raw it brought tears to her eyes, “Please just be safe, I will come for you three days I promise.” He whispered his voice cracking, she cried from behind the gag tears streaming down her cheeks. Gabriel pulled the phone away, “Oh Hunter she look so cute gagged and tied up, I was about to take her to see the boys.”  She could only hear Hunter’s frantic voice on the other line, but the phone was snapping shut cutting him off.


Gabriel smiled pulling up by her tied arms and slapping her ass to tell her to move forward. The door opened she was lead out into a hall way with doors of both sides; she could hear laugher coming from down the hall. Her heart pounded in her chest as she walked closer to the door, but Hunter’s warning rang in her mind. She knew what was coming but she would be silent and not give them a reason to hurt her.


The door opened Emily stood frozen as ten pairs of male eyes turned to her, she could almost see the lust in their gaze. Gabriel pushed her in from behind she stumbled into the room falling on her knees in front of them. “She’s your boys, just don’t take the gag off her mouth she’s a witch.” With that he turned and shut the door behind him, for a moment no one moved. Then it started her clothes were gone and she was painfully aware of how bare she was, all of them watching her.


A man pushed to the front his pants already off, she looked down as he lifted her and placed her down on the small bar. She was tied to the table her hands untied from behind her and bound to the legs of the table, and her legs dangling off and tied to the legs of the table as well. Shutting her eyes screaming in her mind until it was over.


Emily was tossed into a stone bare room, still naked the gag still holding in her mouth. She was sore bruised and battered, her mind slipping slowly in and out of darkness. She had been with Hunter before, but there had been so many and all over and over. She shivered her body sliding to the floor finally passing out.  Hours turned into days, everything was a blur of beatings, and rape. She couldn’t tell one day from the other, everything a mix of horrible painful images.


Hunter was driving white knuckled since he got off the phone, it had been three days. He had only stopped to sleep enough so that he could drive, eat only what he needed, he drove as much as he could. How Gabriel could drag her into this, he had done nothing wrong, he only loved her.   She was a witch she knew nothing about the way a pack worked the only things she knew was what he has told her, and that information had only touched the surface of what his pack was.  Rage boiled inside him as he thought of what the boys would do to her, he tried to block it out but the images were there. He could almost see what they would be doing to him, his foot pressed harder on the gas.


He glanced out the side of the window he was almost there; another twenty minutes and he would be there. But Hunter couldn’t drive any fast no matter how much he wanted to or tried to he could not go faster. Finally he could see the warehouse coming up ahead on the road; he blew some hair from his eyes.  Turning sharply into the drive way he killed the engine and raced inside, one kick and the door flew from its hinges. 


“Hunter you could have knocked buddy,” Gabriel came towards him two members of the pack standing behind of him each of them avoiding his eyes. The moment he became Alpha they would all pay for this, he would have them kicked out of the pack a fate worse than death to a wolf. 


“Where is she, where is Emily.” Hunter demanded closing the space between then his face inches from Gabriel’s.  Gold flickers danced dangerously in his blue eyes, his lips curling in snarl. Gabriel stepped back turning and walking down the hall way knowing Hunter would follow him.

“She’s nothing but a witch; Hunter if you needed sex you should have told me I could have gotten you someone. But to fall for her you know you can’t do that, she will be killed if anyone else knew. But I’m a nice guy so I’ll give you a choice.”


Hunter grew more and more on edge as Gabriel spoke he wanted to rip him apart and find her on his own. “Just take me to her.” He could see Gabriel shaking his head behind him; he reached out opening a door to his left. Hunter stepped in his rage over flowing when he saw Emily; she was hanging a few inches off the floor her hands chained above her head a gag forced in her mouth to keep her from casting. Her skin was covered in cuts and bruises, she looked horrible.


He moved to her a shaking hand lifting up her chin, she was out cold.  He could smell the drugs in her blood he took a deep breath trying to control himself. He lowered his hand from her jaw it formed a tight fist at his side, “Let her down.” He whispered through clenched teeth, he couldn’t turn away from her he had to watch her in case something happened.


“Now you know I can’t do that, she is the problem,” Gabriel muttered from behind him, Hunter closed his eyes and took another breath.  Two men came behind him grabbing Hunter’s arm and pulling him backwards away from Emily. He struggled against him watching Gabriel move forward his hands on Emily’s near naked hips. They had dressed her a little bit a tight little top and small shorts.


Hunter say something flicker on Gabriel’s wrist, “Don’t touch her!!” He screamed kicking the men holding him.  He could see the teaser in Gabriel’s hand he smiled pressing it to Emily’s side, for a moment nothing happened. Then her eyes snapped open her mouth gagged but the scream could not be heard from behind the ball, her eyes snapped open tears filling in them.  Hunter screamed flying into a blink rage; he felt his body moving and shifting with the painful change. The two men stepped back letting his body finish the change, then they injected him, even in his wolf form he dropped like a bag of potatoes.


                Both of their bodies were dragged away, but Gabriel had them put in the same room.  This would be fun, he knew the game he was playing and in the end he would win.



                Emily had passed out again watching Hunter’s change, her mind reeling. He was one of them she was sure that he was only trying to hurt her, she could not remember who was friend and who was not. Three days being alone had taken a toll on her, she knew that he was someone she should trust. She inched closer to the body laying on the floor, a shaking finger reached out to poke the man’s arm. His eyes fluttered open slowly at first then when he saw he that snapped p, he jumped up.


                She jumped away from him the sudden movements startling her into another state of shock. Her wrapped her arms around her legs her head hidden behind her knees only her eyes showing over them. Her whole body shook voliently, but her mind was already shutting down. Like it had done so many times before, until she was only staring forward no spark left in her green eyes. 


“Emily,” He whispered. He looked tore and ragged, like someone who has lost someone that they loved. Her mind struggled, she had been taken from someone she loved. He spoke her name again, only bringing a rush of memories with the sound of her name. It was amazing what the body did to protect itself, she had almost forgotten him in a effort to forget everything else.


He looked at her sitting up. Slowly he opened his arms to her; she nearly ran to him her body shaking with sobs. She pressed her face to his chest tears spilling onto her cheeks and some staining his shirt, he didn’t seem to care. He held her tightly in his arms enclosing her in the warmth she knew all so well.  She knew he would come back, she was just slipping she had slipped. After first he was nothing, but one of them to her, another person to hurt her again.  But he was not, she should have know that but the last few days were a blur.


He whispered sweet nothings in her hear, she cared little for what he was saying she just missed hearing his voice. A warm hand reached under her chin Hunter’s face swam in her tear filled vision. “I will get you out of here, I promise.” He whispered his lips brushing her cheeks she pressed herself to his chest again. She could feel his fingers working in the gag trying to force it open, the door inched open. Until it dropped to the floor, she worked her jaw for a few long pain staking moments.


Emily felt Hunter stiffen his arms holding righter around her, she started shaking her frame neatly tucked into his own. “Look you both look so cute,” The sound of Gabriel’s voice behind her sent the cold drips of fear down her back. “Well Hunter pick her up before I come and get her” Emily felt him stand his arms still held protectively around her. Her mouth was already working with a spell, it was flying from her lips before she could think about it. But Hunter was fast, he clapped his hand over her mouth slienceing her shaking his head lightly.


“Come on baby walk with me, pretend it’s just me.” Hunter whispered his warm lips brushing her ear, for a moment she was relaxed and doing what he told her acting like it was only the two of them. But she was ripped from his warm arms, Gabriel grabbed her from behind. He pulled her along with him she could hear the deep rumble coming from Hunter behind them, she tried to look back at him but she felt Gabriel’s fingers snake roughly through her hair making sure she could only look forward.


She felt Hunter fingers brush her arm trying to pull her back, but they were walking to fast. “Come brother keep up or you’ll miss the fun.” Gabriel cooed walking to the end of the hall, Emily tried to keep up but he was half dragging her along. Finally he moved to open the door dropped her, Hunter was by her side in a moment holding her he was shaking with rage she could feel it.


The room they were lead into was empty two out of the four walls were glass, Hunter snarled there must be people behind them. Gabriel turned to them his arms open, “Now for the main event,” He called Emily felt Hunter stiffen, then he was pulled away from her. She looked back her eyes wild two huge men stood on the sides of him holding him back. She looked back at Gabriel he smiled at her his fangs showing glistering in the small amount of light in the room.


She stood there wide eyed, Gabriel snapped at her. She tried to screamed turned she ran to Hunter, only seeing that he was screaming and being pulled to the door where they came in. She turned back to Gabriel, and then she ran to the far side of the room. Cheers and shouts could be heard from behind the glass, but Emily dared not to look at them.


The fear was gone in flash she stood, much shorter than the man in front of her, but she cared little. Spiritus desino”  She screamed Gabriel doubled over holding his neck; she was cutting off his air. It wouldn't last, and she was going to need to think of something fast. Shutting her eyes for only a moment she raised her hands above her head, a Koyoka spell would be just what she needed.


The room darkened balls of light with wispy tails came towards her circling her with blinding speed, a large mass slammed into her, head cracking painfully on the glass. His change had been fast, he stood over her now no longer a man. She scrambled away from the best that she could.  But Gabriel was on her in a flash pinned her to the wall his strong arms on either side of her, she tried to scream and kick but it happened so fast. She watched his fangs coming down to her side, and then a splitting pain ripped through her.


Emily dropped to the ground screaming like a mad women, she didn’t even notice that Gabriel was gone. She could hear screams form the other side of the room that were not her own, full of rage and another kind of pain not like her own.  She blinked trying to clear her vision, Hunter was standing over her his eyes wild with panic. “This is your choice big brother let her become one of us or kill her, it fixes everything” Oh god she had bitten, she would be just like him her magic would be gone. All she could see above her was Hunter’s torn face, she wanted to speak but she couldn’t then there was nothing but darkness. 


Hunter screamed as he watched Gabriel sink his teeth in Emily’s side, to make it worse he watched the other wolf lick the wound just o be sure. Rage boiled inside him, he lunged for Gabriel but he dropped Emily and side stepped out of his way. Without think twice he forgot about his back stabbing brother and went for his love, she lay limp in his arms her side swelling from the bite.


To become a werewolf you had to be born with the gene already in your body which was passed down from the father to his children. But only males had the ability to pass on the gene if a female had children with a human then the children would be human it was that simple. But if you were infected, which happen when the saliva of a wolf came in contact with an open cut on the human body.  This was painful and most people did not live through the days after the bite, this was why in a pack it was forbidden to spread the gene that way.


Hunter let out another cry of rage, he was aware then of his brother standing behind him. “What id it going to be Hunter, will you kill her?” Gabriel’s voice only helped to spread the rage through him he sounded so smug like he had won, which he really did didn’t he?  Hunter lifted Emily into his arms holding her like a small child, he watched her face making note of all of the changes her face seemed to take on. When she was passed out she was less guarded with her emotions he could see the flickers of pain pass over her face. The looks of pain become longer and soon her body was spamming as well.


“Emma hunny can you hear me?” Hunter whispered his warm lips close to her ear, slow her green eyes fluttered open to look at him. He could see the pain in her eyes normally they would be bright and green now they were glazed. “What do you want me to do?” His voice was raw with pain she looked at him opening her mouth to say something.


He was only able to watch helplessly as her face slipped into panic, when her mouth opened blood poured from it. For a few painful moments when he watched her body twist with the pain he was sure she was going to die right here in his arms. He held her tightly for a moment, watching her struggle against the venom seeping into her veins.


“I don’t want to die,” She whispered her voice barely audible, and then she looked at him for a few more moments before she slipped back into darkness. He was silent for some time the rage and sadness hanging in the air; did she know what she was saying to him? He shut her eyes to try and control the rage boiling in his veins; if he could he would do everything to save her. 


Gabriel leaned over his shoulder his eyes moving over Emily’s body, “What are you going to do now?” He asked his voice still holding the gloating tone that it had before. Hunter’s head snapped up his eyes flaring with anger, “I’m taking her somewhere safe.” He muttered lifting Emily he moved back through the maze of hall ways back to the door leading outside.  Gabriel did not try to stop him, and why should he. The plan was over he has gotten what he wanted, Emily would become one of them or she would die.


When he stepped out it was already deep night, he went right for his car seeing the keys sitting in the driver’s seat.  He opened the door with on hand pushing the chair back all the way to lay her down in; putting on her seat belt he kissed her on the forehead before shutting the door.  He stood there for a moment watch her through the glass her face a clear picture of the pain that was ripping her apart. Finally he was able to move away from the window, he walked to the driver’s seat and slipped in.


Driving all he could think about was what he was doing to her; he was ripping her from the magical world. She would no longer be a witch she would be a werewolf, and would never again feel the power is casting a spell.  A painful moan broke his train of thought he turned over to Emily, her face was pale and covered in a thin layer of sweat. Hunter gripped the steering wheel, if he didn’t get her some where he could take care of her then she would not make it.


Whipping his cell phone from the little glove box beside his seat he dialed the number without haste. “Aaron, it’s Hunter, yeah I need you to do me a big favor, I need to bring someone to your place. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.   ” He hung up the phone, and pulled over to the side of the roa yet. d, he ripped the bottom of his shirt and poured water from a bottle on it. Folding it he placed it on her head to try and control the fever before they got there. He knew that the fever was something that he could not fight but it had to be controlled; at least she was not having any seizures yet. When he was sure that she was alright for a little bit he drove as fast as he could. He was able to get there in ten minutes pulling into the drive way, pulling Emily from the seat who moaned when he did so. He knocked on the front door.


Aaron was a pack wolf more loyal then a lot of the people; he was someone Hunter knew he could trust. Aaron came to the front door, for a few long standing moments he stood there. He could only watch Hunter, with the dying girl in his arms. . Shaking his head he opened the door to let him inside, Hunter when to the spare room to lay her down.


“Shit Hunter she smells like Gabriel, ”He muttered shaking his head and moving the black hair from his eyes. Hunter only moved past him into the house, in the spare room he lay her down on the bed.  Hunter lay her down the cloth still on her head, “What do you need?”  He asked leaning over them. Aaron had not asked yet, but he was telling his friend was wondering. He knew the smell coming from her skin was enough; she must have the scents of half the pack clinging to her skin. 


Hunter shook his head, "A bowl of cold water, a first aid kit, and some rope in case she gets out of hand.” Aaron nodded and raced off to get what he needed, he came back with the water and the first aid kit. Then he left again, as Hunter was putting a cool cloth on her head, the moment he started dressing the bite marks on her side. Not that it mattered they were already oozing puss, there was nothing for them now.  Aaron came back with some rope he lay down on the bed he was also carrying a plate of sandwiches and juice boxes.


“Alright so eat, and tell me the story behind this girl.” Aaron said sitting at the end of the bed he took a small sandwich and watched him.  He could not help but let his eyes wonder over the girl on the bed. This would be the first time that he would see someone go through the change like this. It was forbidden to bite someone, that law had been lay down in the pack for years.


Hunter took a sandwich and finished it before he started talking, “Her name is Emily she’s my girlfriend and a witch.” He watched Aaron’s face there was little change in his face only a sparkle of surprise in his eyes.  “I’ve been with her for almost a year Gabriel found out about her, he took her four days ago. When I got there he bit her it was my choice to kill her, or too try and help her live through being bitten.” Hunter was silent for a moment he looked over at Aaron who had a look of horror on his face now.


“How could he do that too her,” He whispered running her hands over her his face, “do you know what this will do to her?”Hunter shook his head at him Emily moaned her hand gripping the sheets under her, her body twisted in pain but her eyes did not open. Finally she relaxed again her body falling into a fit full sleep.  “The change will be much more difficult for her, I heard this story once I always thought it was bullshit, it was about a witch who was bitten and lived but once she was a wolf she went insane from being unable to use magic. The wolf blood the working its way through her, it’s putting a stopper on her powers, she was always feel them but never be able to use them again.” Aaron was watching her while he spoke, Hunter could see him shaking his head as he spoke.


Hunter held his head in his hands, trying to stop a moan from breaking from form his chest. It would be like she was really dead, to always feel her powers there just out of her reach. He looked at her, would she want to live through this. She had said she had not wanted to die but what would happen when she found out what she was going to be when this was all over. 


((this is an unfinished story, comment and let me know if you think I should finish it.))

The End

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