The Work of Destiny

York University in Toronto, Ontario hosts more than twenty-five thousand students. The campus is considered to be one of the largest in Ontario and though it is easy to run into friends while crossing the main building, Vari Hall, the chances of you meeting up with someone who had disappeared from your life ten years ago is highly unlikely.

So when I turned around in the center of Vari Hall with a sea of blind students passing in between us, I could scarcely hide my surprise. A beautiful woman, who held a slight glimmer of childhood in her freckled dimples, stood a few feet away from me. Her distance was somehow appropriate, but her dark forest green eyes whispered a soft echo of recognition as if she were beside my ear.

Someone bumped into me from behind and I automatically looked back and muttered an apology to a shy short girl, eager to turn back to the figure that had captured my attention. She was gone. My shoulder bag swung with my body as I quickly pivoted around, desperately searching for her.

She had disappeared.


I slept with her in my memories that night. Her words had cried endlessly in my mind. My mind's eye tried to remember every aspect of her apparition in the busy school building, from her plain blue t-shirt to her black straight-legged jeans and white converse shoes.

My dreams though, as focused as they were, began to darken as a deep velvet blue swallowed me whole.

It is time Castiel.

A glow appeared, lighting the darkness of my dreams and a figured emerged, slightly hidden in shadows.

The blood of two 
Become as one,
Life has bid adieu--
The battle must be won.

When two children
Meet again, let
Their fate become laden
Of the goals their destinies have met.

A simple smile will be lost,
The innocence of childhood is gone,
Their souls will be the cost
Of what their destinies have done.

 I woke up suddenly with droplets of salt stinging my eyes. I kept my head on the pillow under me and my knuckles felt cold as they held onto the covers around me. 

"Christ," I whispered before closing my eyes, forcing myself to forget the dream and the chilling song that I had heard.

The End

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