Magic By Blood

Two children become blood siblings and unlock an ancient power that they inherited from their ancestors. This simple act of fate brings them together in a journey to save the world. To save the humanity that has no idea of what is happening in the dark corners of Earth. Thing is, the power comes into full swing when they are teenagers, the right age to save the world.



Just like young children we cried, for the right to stay strong and for the right to remain children.

If I were to describe the story of how I met Ashley it would be a wondrous thing, since the mind of children are occasionally plagued with the thoughts of magic and wonder. But then again, when I put my words on this paper quite frankly, we weren’t normal children when we met. We were the reality of the imagination that children would use in their ‘Once upon a time’ stories.

Ashley was the girl in our class of twenty who would never raise her hand to answer a question; the type who wouldn’t share her cookies with you if you asked nicely. She wouldn’t believe any of the stories that children brought in for their ‘What I did this summer’ papers. She was the one with the uneven pigtails and black backpack; the one who said a quiet, but inviting, hello to me on my first day of school.

Before I met Ashley though, I did have a past. I know that a lot of these stories of how a guy met a girl start with love and nothing more. What happened before that someone came into your life? My story is simple, it is short, but I have one.

My parents abandoned me.

I’m not one of those babies that were left in a little gift basket with a loving, yet regretful, letter and a tiny bow. I didn’t even get one of those soft blue blankets. No, I was left at the Metro, one of the biggest food stores in Canada, when I was ten. My mother, a black haired lean woman, told me to wait for her in the fruit section while she found a basket to use. My father, a brunet man with a slight belly, had said that he was going to the liquor store.

I waited and waited.

It took a sales lady’s curiosity to disrupt my patient stance. When questioned I pointed back into thin air and I never saw them again. After being offered lollipops and sad looks at the police station, I was sent to my best friend’s house—he is the son of my parent’s best friends. They never knew of my mom and dad’s plan and were outraged, so I was put into their custody. I had no one else.

The question of how we got here may pop into your head. Why are we crying together in this bleakness of a world? Why are we standing alone in the darkness beside an abyss?

We are children fighting a war of darkness on Earth that only a handful of us know about.

But how did this happen? When was our childhood changed into an early adulthood? Why did this needing Earth grant us the powers to save the humans, the mortals, of this dying place?

I can’t explain why just yet, but I can tell you when it happened. Like a stack of dominoes all of the events of my new life started falling into place the day that Ashley said hi to me in our grade four class, ten years before the magic enticed us in.

The End

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