Magellan, evil wizard of dark magic

I was at camp and it was "fantasy day" and I made this up with my friend Nadia (AKA Hair) Its far from my best work but I had fun writing it with her and I might as well show everyone.

Magellan’s parents were gypsies. They thought that everyone should be a gypsy; Including Magellan. Magellan was dead set against gypsy life. She found it boring and would much rather ride through the woods on her striking black mare shooting arrows at targets. Not sitting inside a stuffy trailer bargaining. Her motto was “Everybody dies. But not everybody really lives”.

Magellan wanted to live. And she wanted to live by the laws of evil. She had always been intrigued by magic. And so the obvious choice for her was dark magic. Now a poor gypsy could never get an apprenticeship to a wizard. She would have to find a way herself. And so she did. In a few years she was the most feared being in the land. Well almost. Only second was she to the Evil Queen Hair. Once that bald wizard had baldened  her out of jealousy, The kingdom collapsed and Hair had locked herself away and Magellan was going to find her.

Once she used her wizardry skills she teleported herself to where Queen Hair had hid herself away. Down there in the depths of the safe room room, they hid. And when they were being searched for, Magellan knew they would both be hanged if they were found out so quickly Magellan teleported both herself and Hair to thy mystical land of Ihduhapi. A place of legend to the people of Minnesota.

The councilors there knew not what they were. But saw their power as a threat and treated them with only the greatest respect. But Magellan and Hair were never ones to be nice.

And today they make a plan. But on the morrow it will be launched and both will shake with power and destruction. Enough to make even the mighty camp director fall to his knees, beg for mercy, and indeed acknowledge the fact that he is fluffy after all.   

The End

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