There’s being dead. And there’s being dead. And, because Drakon was a mage, even if an extremely inexperienced mage, he was neither.

Borysko, though only a sword-swinger, though a rough and rude lout, understood that little about what it was to be a mage – even if a mostly dead one.

“Do another one then, Boy! – I am considerably busy…uhhh! – holding open this she-bear’s slavering jaws! – UHHH!”

Crumpled on the ground under the far and sparkling stars, as Drakon was, and in this inconvenient not-quite-dead condition, quite obviously he could only begin his little memorized list: What to Do if Dead.

Well, he had left the Academy in such a huff that he had forgotten his little bag with the resurrection potion in it.

However, he did just half-recall another interesting spell he and Steiffa…happened upon the other night, while the monitor was at his rounds elsewhere.

The End

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