Borsyko catches up with the Orc War Party and calls on them to hand back the pillock of a mage they've kidnapped before threatening dire retribution

Sometime in the night Borysko managed to overtake the Orc War Party. Having made sure of their general direction he sped ahead and at a place where the path through the mountains narrowed he prepared a barricade and waited in ambush.

His heart beat strongly, to the old rhythm of the Galapalogon War march and although he was older now he felt no fear. He was a warrior honed to a lethal edge and waiting in single-handed ambush of an entire orc war party wasn't that big a deal for him. He'd win or die, probably die if he was honest but at least then he wouldn't have to worry about the idiot mage he was chasing after but had yet to catch sight of.

The crashing of the orc war party intruded on his thoughts and before he could reconsider or chicken out he called out aloud.

"Hold! I'm Borysko of Galapalogo, two handed warrior and survivor of the siege of Magrapagalinski, Captain of the Bloody Handed Mob and honorary bodyguard to the semi-deity Smasher McBasher - I demand you stop and return to me unharmed the mage Drakon, pillock extraordinaire! If not, prepare to face the wroth of a veteran of the Extra-Deadly War, from which I returned without even a SCRATCH!"

There was a pause as thick orc brains tried to work out what had been said.

"Hail Honourable Borysko! We ain't got the mage you speak of, we're only in the area as Snelgrim the Nasty's wife wants a house in this canyon. Any chance we can avoid a terrible, one-sided battle where you gut the majority of us for little reason at all?"

Borysko thought about it momentarily before agreeing that he would hold off on the brutal slaughter of the orcs whilst they talked further. It was the high point of orc/human relations since Trevor the Terribly Noble spared the life of Ghastly the Ugly at the Battle of Prestidigitonium (Ghastly knifed Trevor in the back only 2 minutes later!)

The End

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