Borysko follows the trail of the orcs assuming they have taken the boy

'Orcs?' He thought ' And apparently plenty of bears - well two at least, and both squashed flat, just what the Underworld is going on in this forest?'

 Borysko was  worried, Orcs hadn't been seen West of the mountains in over a thousand years, not since the last of the Tolkeeen Wars. He wished that a wise, white haired, bearded, bushy eye-browed man with a staff would appear and explain to him just what was going on, but unfortunately, since the Cliche Wars of 1523 such men mostly kept themselves to themselves.

There was only one thing to do. He had to follow these Orcs, hope that they had Drakon, try to free the stupid little twerp and find out what these Orcs were up to. After all, Orcs were always up to something diabolical, devious and dastardly and today was hardly likely to be an exception.

There was no time to lose, armed only with his scavenged knife Borysko set out in pursuit of the Orcs and Drakon. Of course Borysko's long , powerful legs were far superior to the stumpy, gnarled appendages that Orcs have and he was soon quickly eating into the lead that the Orc War Party had established. Within an hour he had emerged from the Northern edge of the forest in time to see the Sun set. But he was not tired and he could still track the evil beasts by the stench they left behind them in the air, he forged onwards.

(Behind him, unseen, several white haired, bearded and bushy eye-browed wise old men cursed in frustration at being too slow to deliver warnings of evil loose in the land.)

(Behind them, unseen, Drakon creeps up on a particularly venerable white haired, bearded, bushy eye-browed wise man and knocks him out with a rock before slinging him over a shoulder and fleeing south)

The End

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