Heading downhill Borysko continues his search convinced the boy Mage knows where he's heading

Deciding that the boy had probably continued in the direction they were going before the bear attack, Borysko  walked slowly  searching the trail for any telltale sign that the young lad had passed this way .

After several minutes of  walking carefully through the forest scouring the trail Borysko walked into a clearing, immediately dropping into cover when he saw the dead orc next to the carcass of a very large very dead bear. After several moments of panic he calmed as he realised that the clearing was completely bereft of life, rising from his prone posistion he approached the bodies noticing that the bear seemed to be crushed as if by great force.

After a swift search of the dead orc Borysko was starting to feel a bit happier he now had a belt knife and some meagre rations as well as a flint and steel to mke a fire to stop him freezing when night fell.

Borysko assembled his humble possessions and started to leave the clearing when he stopped as something caught his eye  three small beads that he knew had been in  Drakons hair.

The boy was alive!



The End

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