Drakon is alive but badly injured

As he got closer, he thought he saw the outline of a shimmering figure standing over the boy which blended in with the forest surroundings. It disappeared as he reached him, Borysko imagined he was seeing things, he was very much at the point of exhaustion having run at this ridiculous pace for so long and that was before he had encountered that damn bear. He paused only for a breath before he knelt down to examine the boy. How he would have loved to drink from his leather flask right about now, he had no choice but to abandon it, alongside the little knapsack it was in, when he used it as a diversion to escape from that wretched bear. A feeling of dread had come over Borysko soon as he saw the young mages lifeless body, just what the hell had made him run off like that, especially to this part of the forest where even he, the village warrior would tread with apprehension. Drakons eyes were closed tight, his face was locked in a state of fear, that feeling of dread had not dissipated, if anything it had increased to the point where it made his heart beat that little bit faster. As he gazed upon Drakons motionless figure, life threatening fear was etched deeply into his face, eyes closed tight. He checked Drakon's pulse and didn’t find one, the boy could not be more than fifteen years old, and he had resented him because the Village council had sent him out here when he didn’t even know him. He couldn’t see any visible signs of injury that would have caused him being unconscious, something was very wrong here. Borysko placed his head on Drakons chest and then saw a faint glow coming from his left hand; it was clutching something tightly, very tightly. What the hell had this boy got himself caught up in, he thought as he loosened the tight grip the young mage had on the object. Borysko held the object aloft towards the fading sun. It was a triangle shaped crystal which was almost fluorescent, blending with the surroundings and almost turning invisible in his hand.  It suddenly stopped glowing, Drakon’s body began convulsing Borysko took half a step back and dropped the crystal. All of a sudden with a lightening quick jolt  Drakon sat upright.

"I made it back" He said spluttering blood from his mouth when he spoke. "They didn’t catch me" he said with a groan as blood trickled down his chin. Borysko now feared the worst, the boy must have internal bleeding, he wouldn’t last long out here.

"Drakon, you’re in a lot of trouble with the Village elders, running off like that, what the hell happened" Borysko said as he cradled his head, just as the boy looked to be falling back. He had to keep reign of his rage, the boy was still alive, but for how long? He had to do move him and quick, but how?

"Drakon?" The mage replied looking around him with a renewed sense of fear. "Who the hell is Drakon?"  

The End

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