NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!Mature

''NOT AGAIN!''screamed the cow.The farmer put his hand out and squeezed.''MY CHILDREN!''screamed the cow.The farmer sighed.The cow glared at him.''That's enough for today,'said the farmer.He walked back to the farm house.The cow shivered.Then!An Idea!!!!RUN AWAY!!!!The cow kicked open the door and ran towards the fence.But instead of jumping over it like a horse,the cow lowered it's head and charged.The fence was destroyed.FREEDOM!!!Then the U.F.O appeared and beamed up the cow.The cow was terrified.He looked around wildly.''Don't worry mate,I was scared the first time too,'came a voice.The cow looked around and there was a donkey.The were two long cuts on it's back.It also was wearing a pair of 80's sunglasses and was smiling like an idiot.''Aw no,'wined the cow.

The End

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