This is weirdMature

''Ah yah,'shouted the bus driver.A small kid was dancing around in front of him on the road.He beeped the horn twice.The kid glared at him.He ran over to the bus and picked it up.The bus driver didn't notice this because he was yawning.When he opened his eyes he was flying through the air.He paused.''I'M FWYING,'he suddenly screamed.He didn't even get to the end.The bus flew into the Empire Estate Building.But before it hit the big structure it's energy shields activated and the bus bounced off them.It flew straight back to the place it came from.

The kid was still dancing on the road when the bus suddenly appeared and crushed him.A little muffled voice floated out from under the bus.''I should have listened to momma when she said the roads were dangerous,'whined the kid.The bus driver looked under the bus.Suddenly,a small fist appeared and lashed out at the bus driver's nose.There was a small crack.The bus driver stood up and fingered his nose.It was bleeding.The bus driver looked stupidly at the blood.Then he had a heart attack.The kid crawled out from under the bus and stood up.He took one look at the bus driver and started to laugh.The bus driver turned into Yoda and sliced off the kids head with his lightsaber.But the kid's head was still laughing and the body started to take wild kicks and punches.Yoda sighed and force-pushed the body and the head into space.

He was about to yell in triumph when he was crushed by a tank that fell from the sky.''Hmm,so,message from the dark side this is,'Yoda said.Then he dissappeared and went to heaven.Then the Earth blew up.

The End

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