A mad dayMature

Once there was a man called Joe.One day he had an accident involving onions and ketchup.He split into several Joes.

Joe Primary:What just happened?

Joe Secondary:I dunnoo,ask him{Pointing to Joe Tertiary}.

Joe Tertiary:Me?

Joe Secondary:Yeah you dumbass!

Joe Tertiary:Why me?Why is ALWAYS ME!

Joe Secondary:'Cause you're the only one who actually has a brain.

Joe Primary:Um,is anyone gonna answer my question?

Joe Tertiary and Secondary:NO!

Joe Primary looks away.

Joe Secondary:Now where were we?

He takes out a machine gun and aims it at Joe Tertiary.

Joe Tertiary backs against a wall and raises his hands.

Joe Tertiary:Okay,now lets not get too hasty.

Joe Secondary:Aw,shut up.It was enough being stuck with you in Joe's mind.

Joe Primary pulls out a bazooka and aims it at Joe Secondary's head.

Joe Primary:Put the gun down.

Joe Secondary looks at the bazooka and slowly puts the machine gun down on the ground.

Joe Primary:Put some music on.

Joe Tertiary clicks his fingers and horrible scratchy music came on.

Joe Primary rolled his eyes.He aimed the bazooka at the radio and pulled the trigger.

But the bazooka was back to front.The shell flew out of the bazooka and hit Joe Primary and blew him to smithereens.

Joe Secondary looked at Joe Tertiary who was bouncing up and down with a squashed look on his face.

Joe Secondary rolled his eyes and picked up his machine gun.

Joe Tertiary continued jumping up and down.

Joe Secondary:Joe!

Joe Tertiary stopped bouncing and narrowed his eyes when he saw that Joe Secondary was aiming a machine gun at him.

Joe Secondary grinned evilly.

Joe Tertiary clicked his fingers and a tank landed on Joe Secondary and crushed the life out of him.

Suddenly Elvis apppeared with a gun and shot Joe Tertiary two times through the head.

Then Jason Vorhees appeared.He tore off his mask and shouted:THIS IS THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN.

Suddenly several famous game and movie characters appeared.

Jason Vorhees started to fight Mike Myers.

Mike Myers:Are we supposed talk?

Jason Vorhees:I dunno,but I have a right to talk!

Mike Myers:Yeah!

But then Jason sliced off Mike's head.Mike's headless body crumpled to the ground.


Then he was run over by a warthog.

And so the great battle continued for years and years and years.

Many brave people and stupid idiots were killed.

In the end a victor emerged.

Mickey Mouse:Mommas little baby loves that shortnin bread!

The End

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