'Muuuuuum! Ice cweeeeeeem!' Little Lili sprinted to the van. Lili's Mum sighed. 'Ok Lili, it's really hot today. Get me one too!'

'Ok.' Lili sped off, clutching the five pounds she'd been given.

'Just a small vanilla cone!' Mum called uselessly. But she'd already gone.

It wasn't suprising when Lili came back with a flouresent blue lolly.

'The man says that anywon over fouw cant have won, but that Ok becuase you awe fwee like me?' Lili licked hers.

Mum decided not to tell Lili that she more like thirty, and obediently licked the lolly.

Her face went red. She turned into cheese and back. She span round five times. Started dancing. Screaming. Shrank. Grew back. And eventually shot up in the sky like a rocket.

Mum landed with a thud on the ground, stunned. She was covered in soot and her hair stood up on end.

'You are seriouly embarassing, Mum.' Lili said.

The End

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