LO and BEHOLD!A story where impossible things happen.
For example:A flying donkey gets hit by a U.F.O,a zombie try's to take over the world{Unsuccesfully},Justin Bieber stops being gay and an angry dog pushes Obama off the Eifel Tower.Yeah,pretty impossible.

You have to write about something impossible that happens to someone or something.If that something/somenone dies then you have to create someone new.

The Flying Donkey flew through the air.It started to sing "Burn It To The Ground"By Nickelback.It's mane bristled as it got to the chorus.''We're goin' out tonight,'sang the little donkey,'To kick out every light'.He sang on and on and on.

Meanwhile,five-thousand miles above the singing,flying donkey,was a U.F.O.In it were two humanoid figures.''I'm picking up something on the radar,'said one.''Descend five-thousand miles,'said the other.The spaceship flew down through the air.When it stopped descending it was behind the flying donkey,literally.But the donkey was too busy listening to it's own voice to know what was going on.Inside the ship,the two aliens were trying to figure out where then horrible,scratchy singing voice was coming from.''Accelerate and see if get's louder,'said the bigger alien.The smaller one nodded and pushed a purple button.

The flying Donkey was still singing when the U.F.O accelerated and hit him hard.He was knocked out instantly.Inside the ship,the two aliens felt a bump and stopped the ship.They looked out a window and saw a small animal with wings plummeting down to the earth.''Oh shit,'said the big alien.The little one ran to the controls and started to push buttons rapidly.

A beam shot out of the spaceship and caught the donkey in mid air.The beam slowly brought the unconscious flying donkey back to the space ship.When it was safely inside the spaceship the two aliens looked at the donkey.

"Amazing,a donkey that has actually grown wings,'said the little Alien.''Nope,'said the big alien.''Whatcha mean,'asked the little one.''What I mean is that some stuffed up asshole thought it funny to put metal wings on a donkey,'replied the big Alien.

To prove his point he grabbed the wings and and tore them off.''Jaysus,'said the little one."Yep,'said the big one."Wanna take it home and see if we can make it grow real wings,'asked the little Alien.''Okay,'said the big alien.The little alien punched in the coordinates and sat down,wondering why some bastard had put the metal wings on the poor donkey.

The ship flew back to wherever it came from and neither it or the donkey were seen again.


The End

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