A New Rival.

'First period is the sports assessment. You will proceed into your specialized category-clubs-, and will be tested. One the results are sorted out, you will be split into 3 further groups, A, B and C, depending on your skills.' said Mr Peter, writing on the board.

'I'm on track and field. What do you do Louis?' Whispered Maddie, with a small smile that melted the boys hearts that were spying on them, causing them to mutter and glare at Louis, since it was directed at him. Maddie didn't seem to notice, in fact, she doesn't seem to know that every male at her school has a crush on her.

'Same.' said Louis, looking round the classroom, enjoying the attention Madison brought. This girl looks interesting to me, so naive and innocent. he thought to himself.

'There will not be another test for another 6 months, unless you drastically improve or your progress decreases. If this happens, you will either move up or move down. If you cannot cope with group C, then this school isn't the right one for you. Please make your way to the changing rooms.' finished the teacher, signaling the students to leave the room.

'Are boys and girls mixed again this year?' asked Madison, walking down the coridoor.

'Yeah, so I'll be in the same set as you again, but you won't see me on track, since I only play field sports.' Replied Charlie, as him and Maddie approached the changing rooms. 'I'll see you outside.'

'Okay, I'll come and watch when I can!' said Madison, half way through the door.

As usual, Madison was the fastest and most gifted girl on track and field. She had always won at long and short distant sprints,  and has a very high jump, with long slim legs which aid her even  more. Everyone knew her, and it was obvious that she would get group A. 

Charlie was slightly different. Because him and Daniel were childhood friends, in the past Daniel wasn't very good at Field, so Charlie (being good at it) had decided to focus on field, while Daniel focused on track, and Maddie had done both, making everyone happy. Because of this, Charlie was exceptional at any field sport that was ever created. He has ever once fallen into group B. He was the leader of Field sports.

It seemed that Daniel had continued to train on track, winning the boys race that had just taken place and even Louis had picked this sport, but didn't seem to want to participate, laying down on a patch of grass with a can of cola at hand. Maddie had spotted him, and started running towards him.

'Hey, aren't you going to participate? I'm curious to see how fast you are. I've already completed most of the sections.' Madison said, kneeling down next to him.

'Whatta pain.' moaned Louis, sighing at Maddie. 'I'm only doing it if you give me a kiss!'

'Come here then.' Madison said, and without further or do, she gave him a peck on the cheek. Within seconds, all of the boys expressions turned into anger and jealousy. 'Hurry up. The next race is about to start.' Unaffected by what happened, Madison pulled Louis up and pushed him to the starting line.

'Haha! I'll win this race for you Gorgeous!' shouted Louis, making Maddie smile and wave back. 

'Yeah right. Don't take advantage of Madison you jerk.' said Daniel, standing beside Louis. 'I'm going to win.

Three, two, one, GO! 

As the race continued, Charlie had joined Madison after achieving high scores on the field and watched the exciting race of the two competitors. At first, Daniel had a strong lead, but after half the track was left to run, Louis started to speed up, rapidly. To everyones amazement, Louis had won. 

No way. No way I went through that spartan training to get into this school, just to be beaten by a good-for-nothing loser. Thought Daniel, huffing and puffing as crowds of girls started to emerge around Louis. For the first time, someone was faster than Daniel.

The End

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