New Semester

Louis stood in the front of the class, scowling at any of the girls who giggled at him, but still, they went on tittering; adding in some pink cheeks for the heck of it.

'Sorry I'm late, sir!' A blonde kid huffed and he burst into the classroom, Louis looked at him, but the boy looked at someone else. He looked directly at the girl with the funny-looking plaits, the first person Louis had noticed as he had walked into the classroom.

After the teacher had introduced Daniel, he moved on to Louis, I was here the whole time, dumbass. Louis thought sourly as Daniel made his way to the back of the classroom, still gawking at the girl with the funny plaits.

'And this, class, is Louis Frank. He has transferred from... umm...'

'Etherton Public High.' Louis grunted at the teacher, flicking his hair away from his face, a few more girls began to giggle and Louis shot them death stares.

'Ah... yes. Please welcome him to your form...' The teacher babbled, he glanced at Louis(who did look rather intimidating) nervously. 

'Thanks.' Louis mumbled, risking a look at the funny-plait girl; she caught him and looked him right in the eye, her gaze unwavering and stern. He smirked and sauntered down the row of chairs, looking for a free seat.

'Please sit next to Miss Madison, please.' The teacher called from the front of the class.

'Who?' Louis asked with a short laugh.

'Me.' Funny plaits said loudly, turning to face me. She smiled and pulled out the seat next to her, patting it gently with her hand.

A few of the other boys moaned in frustration and their shoulders sagged. Louis snickered and walked over to the small table with some sort of a swagger.

'Darn it...' He heard Daniel grunt from the back of the class, causing his already very large smirk to grow twice in size and he slipped onto his chair.

'No... no way...' The annoyed whispered fluttered back and forth around the room.

Wow... this chick really must be something to cause a rucus like this... Louis thought.


The End

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