Knock knock knock.

Reaching for the door, Maddie tugged on her brand new school shoes and grabbed her favorite Converse All Star bag she got for her birthday from Charlie, and there he was, standing outside her door leaning his back on the wall. His hair was all messy, and he kept it that way because he loved it when Madison told him he had bed-hair and ruffled it into place. As she opened the door, he pulled a cute grin.

'Hey Maddie, you ready for the first day of school?' 

'Yeah! I hope that we get put in the same form again Charlie.'

'Yeah me too. We've always been together, it'd feel pretty strange without you there sending me notes in class!'

'Haha, sorry 'bout that!' 

'S'ok, come on, we're going  to be late if you don't hurry up.'


After clambering out of the house, Claire and Charlie set out to school like they always did. Because they are next door neighbours, they have always been walking together. Just around the corner is their high school, St. James Physical Education Academy, or St. James PEA as they liked to call it.

As they arrived, they went straight to the class boards to see who's in what class.

Mr Peters Form

Charlie Newall..

Madison Hughes..

Daniel Hodgeson.

'Charlie. Look. It says Daniel Hodgeson! It can't be right? Our Daniel?!' said Maddie, getting excited and showing Charlie her bracelet, which she never took of.

'I'm not sure. After all, he did move half way down the country. But if it's really him... I wonder what he'd look like after all these years..' Pondered Charlie. He always knew he liked Maddie, and he also knew that Daniel liked her too. 

'Huummm. Do you know who this is?' asked Madison, pointing at a name on their classes' register.

Louis Frank.

'No, I don't remember his name. Maybe he's a trasfer student or something. To transfer not coming from the elementry here.. Whoever he is, he must be really smart!'

'Not to mention really good at sports! I hope he joins the track and field, we could use some more people in our year.'

'That depends how many newbies would want to join today!'

'Aah! I can't wait!'

'Come on then Madds. We don't want to be late for our new homeroom teacher.'

'Eugh. We could have gotten a better one, but I guess he's okay, haha!'

They both then headed to their class. Meanwhile...


Daniel was lost and couldn't find his classroom. Holding a map, he wandered the halls of the Academy. After 20 minutes of searching, he finally found Room 201. Almost ten minutes late, Daniel stormed into the room where there was already a boy with strange red hair stood up at the front of the classroom.

'Sorry I'm late sir.' panted Daniel, scanning the classroom, looking at all the new faces...Apart from two.

It was Madison and Charlie laughing and talking together at the back of the classroom. He longed to be sat with Maddie, after all these years.To watch her, tell her how much she's grown and how pretty her long chocolate hair was, to catch up with her, to embrace her, to kiss her, but he couldn't. Aware that Charlie also had a thing for her, he always envied Charlie. How he was her next door neighbour, how Charlie's and Madison's parents were best friends. How Charlie got to spend 6 years with her without Daniel. Without a doubt things wouldn't be the same again.

'Class settle down. Looks like we have another new student. Everyone, this is Daniel Hodgeson. He use to go to the primary school here but moved when he was ten. Please make Louis and Daniel welcome.' The teacher said, while writing on the board.All of the students seemed excited about having two, very attractive boys in their form.

With her mouth hanging wide open, and his face frozen in shock, Maddie and Charlie both stared straight at Daniel. 

The End

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