Daniel stepped onto the platform, inhaling deeply. It had been a very long while since he had been this close to a city, but of course, he wouldn't be able to enjoy the sky-scraper ridden landscape for much longer.

Because he was going to that school. The school which Charlie, Madison and he had vowed to get into. This of course, was a school with a spotless reputation, a reputation that students had to uphold. St. James Physical Education Academy. Their dream school!

I'm going to see Madison again... I just know it. Daniel thought determinedly, a small smile was placed into his face as he recalled the young girl, the one with the short hair in plaits, the one who vowed to grow her hair until she could stand on it, the one who was paler than the rest... 

Sighing, Daniel put his best foot forward and set out towards the academy.


The End

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