Madison's charm bracelet.

Madison grew up with her two best friends, Charlie and Daniel and they all loved Athletics, or track and field. When they were 10, Daniel moved away, but promised all three of them will be together again. 6 years later...

'After all this time.. We meet again.'

6 years ago~

'Daniel! Charlie! How was the race?' Madison asked in excitement. 

'We both tied! Again!' panted Charlie, while giving Daniel a hi-5. 'We always tie first in all track and field events, it's sooooo weird!'

'Haha, It's the girls race next, wish me luck!' 

'Good luck Maddie.' Daniel and Charlie both said together and gave her two big hugs. 

Those three had been best friends since kindergarten, and ever since, shared the same love of Track and Field. It didn't matter if Madison was a girl, because they were inseparable. It was only a matter of time before something...

And now for the girls sprint results. 1st Maddie Hughes. 2nd Alexia Maye. 3rd Helena Freeman. 

'Yayy! I came first by a mile!' shouted Madison, as she ran towards the two boys as fast as she could with her 1st medal. She tackled them without knowing, and they all ended up on the field laughing.

Afterwards, the three of them went to Daniels house for a party.

'Hey..Charlie, Maddie...You know... I have something to tell you.' Murmured Daniel with a sad tone.

'Hey, you can tell us anything! We're best friends. Don't forget that.' said Charlie in a cheerful tone to try and lighten Daniels mood.

'Well.. First I want you to know that we'll always be friends, no matter where we are.' Said Daniel, with his head facing down, as if he was hiding a burden.

'But why? We'll always be together right? Daniel?...' with a worried tone, Maddie grabbed Daniels head and forced him to look her in the eyes. 'Tell me what your saying this for!' By then Maddie was crying.

'I...I'm moving away... tomorrow. Thats why your he-'

'What's the meaning of this?! Didn't you say that we'd grow up to be Track and Field stars?' yelled Charlie, with a distraught face.

'I'm sorry. I promise we'll be together again. The three of us.' Both Charlie and Daniel had sorrowful, glassy eyes.

'Sshhh. It's okay. But keep this. It was ment to be for your birthday next month anyway. It's a bracelet with 3 charms on. Me, you and Charlie. It's so we know it's really you.' Sobbed Maddie. It's the best thing she could think of. She handed one similar to Charlie, and wore one herself. On it were 3 feathers to represent each other. She then hugged her two best friends.


'I'm sorry. I won't forget you.'


The End

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