It’s His Workplace

The cloth slipped off her face and down to the nape of her neck like silk against a plain surface. Her lavish chestnut hair was laid out on the pillow while her arms and legs were placed in different positions every time he called for her to move to the left, to the right, or in any direction he saw fit. Unlike others, he - the photographer - seemed almost content with the little clothing she had on. He was completely unaffected by the beauty in front of him. He had to be or he wouldn't be doing his job correctly if he was ever awestruck by the numerous models that he set his camera on. It would be unprofessional as well as inappropriate...especially if the model is Gabriela.

There were many ways to describe the woman, but Damien saw her as someone who may be a sight for numerous sore eyes across the city, but was never affected by flattery. Another characteristic she carried was her haughty attitude towards people like Damien. He found her practically annoying and troublesome---although he sees every other model like that. Gabriela was a special case, considering she was the one that got him started in the first place.

"Smile less. Look as if you're pondering." Damien ordered in a slightly bored tone, but she did as told despite how undemanding he seemed. She stared at him all through the shoot though, caring little of her poses. Her eyes never wavered. They were cold and seemingly threatening, something she developed, and they bothered him ever so slightly. The model had always done this to him with every intention of talking but never doing so. At times it also amazed him at how she looked at him with so much intensity and still feigned emotions for the shoot.

"I went to see my father and his relatives the other day." Gabriela said, breaking the silence that driven a wedge between them

 Damien looked at her strangely with his eyebrow arched up. "You, Gabriela, hate visiting family. Did they bribe you?" He replied, his tone still bored and uninterested.

Her thin eyebrows folded into a frown and her mouth twisted along with it. "You'll live." She blurted. Now he stopped his finger and the snaps of his camera and looked at her strangely. He stood at the boarder of curiosity and not caring.

Gabriela inwardly smirked with triumph of catching his attention as she sat up, not paying attention to the twisted straps of her delicate dress. She ruffled the end of her dress that lay on her knobby knees mindlessly and she spoke again, "My aunt, as much as she loves to pry into my private life, gives good advice. Auntie told me that I'll "live through the pain and hardship." Strange, isn't it?"

A snort escaped Damien at the words. "Pain? What pain? The only pain you experience is from those things you women refer to as high heels." He replied with a teasing smirk. Gabriela did not respond as quickly as would he would've guessed, instead her eyes softened and she moved so that her posture was more relaxed. Her straightened mouth that was painted with lipstick twisted even more and her head tilted it. This all caused him to become more annoyed. She was thinking her words out before she spoke them, an unusual habit she carried while many did not. A habit would not get under his skin usually, as he did have some unspoken ones, but this particular habit - or quality could be another word for it - was her being thoughtful. Gabriela was hardly ever thoughtful.

Before any words left her mouth, he turned away from her and went to viewing the images on his camera. He was attempting to ignore whatever she was going to say, that Gabriela could see. Like the smirk, she held back the want to roll her eyes snobbishly. "It got me thinking," she started, noticing him lick his lips in muffled anxiety or uneasiness. "About you and his sister."

If it wasn't for his self-control, he may have broken or dropped the precious camera. As unsubtle going. And he didn't like it, very much.

"I'm not emotionally scarred, Gabby." He spat, unintentionally sounding defensive, but his tone didn't affect her. She just nodded her head in an almost maternal and understanding fashion.  

Her legs seemed to be a tad stiff as she stood up, but she began to walk away. Off to find to her dressing room with her not-literally-invisible assistants, she called out to him, "You really need to pay attention to how many years have passed!"

Irritation crawled at his skin and his spine, while his mind churned with unhealthy thoughts. Damien never pondered on the past without Gabriela pressing him to...

He really hated working with her.

The End

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