Sweet Claire


Her face twisted to distaste as the sweet drink came in contact with her taste buds. She nearly spit out the juice if she wasn't eating breakfast with others. It would be rude to do so. So, Avery ate her breakfast in silence and didn't speak as the Santiago siblings chatted on relentlessly.

They were a happy bunch, the Santiago family. Always bold and strong willed as well as born with loud mouths and nosy ears. If they weren't talking about themselves or the events going on around them, they were listening in-eavesdropping on the buzz around the community. That's why they're dubbed "those pesky Santiago kids" around the town.

Avery's face softened a bit. They were company-surely loud, but it helped her remember that she is never alone with her thoughts. She watched as one of her friends (and the only female of the Santiago siblings Avery knew) yammer over the phone, ignoring her brothers.

 Claire was a loud mouthed and outspoken young woman, though this was not very obvious at first glance. She was small and delicate with her overgrown bush of black hair, but Claire was never easily dismissed by others by her childish looks. She had a habit of gaining a lot of attention from her peers and family members alike.

"Of course not! Why would I ever do that?! Our policy is: Not delivered on time, not getting paid, sir!" Avery nearly jumped at the high voice she had. It was nearly deafening sometimes. "Right one wedding cake by the thirteenth! You got it, sir!" Claire chirped over the phone. "She's so strange and weird," Avery mused to herself.

When she returned to the table after finishing up writing the notes of the bakery order, Claire turned her attention to Avery. "When is school starting?" She questioned, being quick to start a conversation.

Avery shrugged and thought for a moment. She was never good with dates-to many reminders of so many memories. "I think Tuesday..." she guessed.

The Santiago frowned a little. She tried to question her again, but got only shrugs, short sentences, and a content expression from her friend. Claire's thin mouth slipped a troubled sigh. After such a long time, it was still difficult for her to talk to Avery without feeling a pang of pity or empathy.

"I'll be going tomorrow." Avery stated out of the blue, catching Claire off guard.

She had been staying with them for the last week of her vacation. But with all honesty, she rather not be there...with them. They were all so laidback and unworried about things that constantly tortured her mind: work, rent, school, tuition, family.  It was hard enough she had to live and work in New York, but it was more difficult when one had to balance working to get by with studying and graduating from university.

"Oh? Did they finish the renovations?"

Her mouth straightened, her shoulders tensed. "...Yes."

She was lying, Claire knew that. They didn't finish the renovations because they weren't even renovating that the apartment building to start with, but Claire was not going question her friend. Not now, at least.

The End

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