Tree Key

I was mad at mom for doing that. Why would she do that to my da? Making him leave because…

I kept running and running until the tree line that touched our backyard was directly in front of me.

I looked back to see a square shape of light and a dark shadowy figure on the porch.

“Loweve! Come back! I was just trying to save you from that life. I wanted us to be normal and happy,” I heard my mom’s voice yell, which echoed.

I turned away from my house, my mom. I’d never forgive her for keeping that secret from me.

Then for the first time I set foot in the forest.

I started to run.

It seemed like forever.

I watched the sliver of sun disappear and the night grow darker and darker.

Finally, I stopped to catch my breath.

I was bent over there, catching my breath and letting the cold tears run down my face. I felt a million different feelings. Betrayal was one of them.

Then I stood up straight, dried my tears with my sleeve, and looked straight ahead of me. It was a tree that stood ten feet in front of me that caught my attention.

It was very wide around and there seemed to be no trees growing within ten feet of the tree. But there was one thing that really caught my attention and that was that it had a big key carved into it.

I sniffed and walked over to the tree. I was about to touch it when nothing happened.

I sat up panting and shocked. Tomorrow I would check it out.

The End

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