Made Me Love Him

A girl, not an ordinary one is going to school at not an ordinary school. One that is in the mouth of the forest that just happens to be in her backyard. The girl expecting to not find love and evil eventually finds both locked inside one mans heart.

I walked down Cleven High School’s halls for the very first time.

In fifteen days I'll be here, I pondered.

I sighed, deeply. It had been too bad Mom couldn't've come to see my classes and locker for the first time, but she had seemed busy working two jobs over the summer. I had to take charge in cleaning and cooking. Soon though, very soon she would be working one job again (which secretly I was very happy about).

I left the school's building on my bike riding fast to get home. I had put a lasagna in the oven before I left and was really hoping it had turned out right.

When I arrived home and parked my bike in the garage, and quickened my pace to the oven. I could smell the lasagna as I slowly opened the oven. Then I looked over the contents in the dish.

No black, I thought. Then I smiled.

Since having to cook dinner each and every night since school ended, my cooking had improved by a lot. My first lasagna experiment, well...let's just say it didn't turn out quite the way I had planned. That's why I was smiling, because this was the first lasagna that hadn't been burnt to a crisp.

I set the lasagna on an oven mitt and let it cool a while.

While it cooled, I set the table. Forks on the left on top of the napkin, knives on the right, and spoons on the right hand side of the knives. The glasses went on top of the placemat on the right side. Then the plate went in the middle.

I made room in the middle of the table for the lasagna, salad, and the salad dressings. While I was sitting the lasagna down on the table a boy passed by the window. This was strange for me because first of all; the boy was walking on our property. Second of all; I had lived in this town all my life and I hadn’t ever seen him before.

I looked down pretending not to notice him. But then when I was putting the salad on the table, he walked by again only this time he stopped. I looked up; he was looking straight at me with blue eyes.

I studied him for a while.

Blue eyes and brown shaggy hair that was straight as a pin.

SLAM! The garage door startled me as I jumped. I looked in the direction of the door.

“Loweve, I’m home,” came mom’s voice.

“Good evening, mom,” I greeted quickly before looking back out the window.

The particular boy wasn’t there. He was gone.


The End

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