His Most Treasured Belonging.

'Hi.' Faith mumbled.
'Sorry im late.' James smiled. He took out of his pocket a necklace. It was Silver and in the shape of half a heart. In blue writing it read 'Faith'. Faith looked at it in suprise. James then got out of his back pocket, his old and most treasured belonging. His wallet. Inside was old coins, american coins and other forighn coins from when he went on holiday, pictures of him and his past girlfriends, a picture of his mother and father, a love letter someone sent him two years ago and even a grade sheet from year 7, when he got all A's. In the side area was a necklace, it was also half a silver heart and in blue writing it said 'James'.
He put the two necklaces together and turned them around, on the back it Read 'bestfriends'.
'You mean alot, so you your in my wallet.' James said. Faith Laughed.
'I think its time to go home now.' Faith smiled. She didn't feel all that uncomfortable with him anymore.
They walked out of the school grounds and down the road, they aprouched the big fence to where the field was. The little children were on thier bikes and running around just across the road. A few ran over to see James and Faith climb over the fence.
They looked in astonishment, only as they had never had the courage to go beyond the fence, not with the stories thier families had told them, about the monsters and the  'bad man'. They watched James and Faith until they where out of sight.

The End

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