'I want you To Forgive me'

Although Lunch Time ended and James slowly made his way to his form class. Then he bumped into Faith. 'Faith!' james shouted with exitment. 'Oh hi.' Faith looked at the ground. 'Im Sorry. Im not leaving here until you forgive me.' James said. 'but form class...' Faith replied confused. 'So what. i want you to forgive me.' James smiled half scared half hoping. 'James.' Faith said now raising her head and looking at him. Her soft silky mousy brown hair was in her face. James tucked it behind her ears and took her hand. 'Please?' James asked. Faith noticing that some people where looking, quickly responded. 'Okay. i forgive you.' Faith smiled shyly. Faith new although she had forgave him, it was still going to be arkward. She didn't speak to him in english and hometime she waited in reception wondering wether to wait for him or not. She waited patiently, pacing slowly. looking round each end of the corridor waiting for a big crowd of people to come along and James to be the one in the middle. She looked at the ground biting her nails nervously. Then someone tapped her on the shoulders. There stood James, on his own.

The End

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