Upset, angry, Guilty.

The Next day James awoke in a bad mood, he didn't know how he managed to so easily loose a best friend like that. he got changed had breakfast and left the house the usual time Faith would knock on him. Was she going to knock on him? He waited patiently. The wind was a gentle breeze but there where dark clouds in the distance. Faith left the house and noticed James. She walked a little faster, on the opposite side of the road to James. James caught up. He jogged trying to keep up with Faiths fast pace. 'Faith, Faith please.' James called. He stopped in the middle of the road. Faith Carried on walking. James sighed, he walked slowly to school. He desided not to go over the field and to walk around instead. it took hima good 10 minutes longer than usual. As he got to school he was greeted by the usual crowd of friends. He was down all day and he could tell Faith was avoiding him. His friends wondered what was wrong with him. 'James, whats up with you today? your vibe is so.. Down.' Andrew his friend asked. 'Just lost a very good friend.' James mumbled. 'ohh.' Andrew replied. 'A Best friend.' James said standing up. James walked off, he determined to find Faith, wherever she was hiding.

The End

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